Jemnice to build new storage halls for more than CZK 11 million by the end of the year

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-16   22:15

Jemnice in the Trebic region will have two new warehouses built by the end of the year at a cost of more than CZK 11 million. They are to replace the premises formerly used by the town and local associations, which stood on land sold to a private company, announced Pavel Nevrkla (ODS), the mayor of the town.

The land with the original municipal warehouses, which were used by volunteer firefighters, scouts or private individuals, was sold by the town hall in 2021 and 2022 to Pigi Tea for approximately CZK 20 million, according to information on the town's website. "And because the company is already starting to build on them in some way, and because we have long said we won't let people down, and we need storage there too, we are building new halls," Nevrkla said.

The city has already selected a contractor. Work has already started on the smaller of the halls, which costs less than CZK 3 million. It will stand in a place called U Černého mostu. Scouts and volunteer firefighters will have more than 100 square metres of space in it.

Work on the second of the halls, which the contractor will build for CZK 8.5 million, will start in the next few days. It will be built at the rear of the Jemnice car park and will offer more than 500 square metres of space. "It will be used for municipal furnishings or if there was some urgent need for another business that could not find a replacement for the original warehouse. We would be able to possibly put it there temporarily," Nevrkla said.

The city of about 4,000 has approved a budget for this year with expenditures exceeding CZK 170 million. It will pay for the halls out of the approved loan framework, which it must draw down this year. Earlier, Nevrkla said the loan is profitable for the city, with an interest rate of 1.14 percent.

Source: CTK