Jindřichův Hradec announced a tender for the solution of Dukla Barracks

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-06   10:24

Jindřichův Hradec has announced a tender for a comprehensive solution of the Dukla Barracks area for developers and builders

The town of Jindřichův Hradec owns the Dukelské barracks building, which is primarily intended for housing, but its current state requires reconstruction. Representatives of the town announced a tender for a comprehensive solution of this area for developers and construction companies. The aim is to reconstruct the existing buildings and, among other things, to build new housing.

It offers the possibility of a comprehensive solution of the whole area with an emphasis on public space and, at the same time as reconstructing the existing housing space, to create new capacities, to increase the housing stock by additional housing units and thus satisfy the interests for housing in Jindřichův Hradec.

"Part of the historic buildings is now used for housing, part is without use. The potential of the site and the lack of flats in the town was the trigger mechanism for further thinking about the future of the barracks. The location on Wenceslas Street provides excellent transport links. In addition to the car, it is possible to use the nearby public transport stop, or thanks to the short distances it offers the possibility of walking to the city centre," said the Mayor Michal Kozár. A significant advantage is the proximity to nature in the form of the Nežarka River and the hiking or walking trails connected to it. "The Hvězdárna housing estate is within walking distance of both a kindergarten and a primary school, as well as plenty of shops," added the Mayor.

A public presentation on the subject was held last September, where the mayor and the town's architect presented to those present the plan to build new residential housing in the area. "The initiation study, with elements of a feasibility study, verified on one of the possible concepts how many housing units could be placed in the project. The concept also works with the possibility of preserving the historic Squire's Court building, with commercial units on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. The remaining buildings, whose historical value is not so significant, are considered for removal and in their place a complex of five apartment buildings designed as new buildings is created. An important component is the public space located within the newly designed complex. It is a combination of pedestrian paths, greenery and seating for the residents, including elements for children," explained urban architect Lukáš Soukup.

An important point is the openness of the complex to visitors. It is therefore envisaged that it will also be accessible to residents of the surrounding buildings. They will be able to visit both the playground and the café or restaurant on the ground floor, with outdoor seating inside the complex.

"The study created by the city architect is not binding, instead the competitors' own inventiveness is expected. The registered teams will be responsible for the actual construction of the complex as well as the architectural study and design work," explained Mayor Kozár. An important part of the bids will be the financial model of the solution. To ensure the independence and quality of the selection process, an expert committee has been set up, consisting of an architect as chairman, a landscape architect and a specialist in technical building equipment. "On behalf of all of them, it will be good to appoint the chairman of the committee, Associate Professor Jiří Klokočka, a Czech architect and urban planner who spent much of his life in Belgium and now teaches architecture in Liberec and Prague," said architect Soukup. Contact email addresses are available for developers to raise questions, as well as the opportunity to tour the site with the city architect. The opportunity to submit bids is open until the end of April 2024.

Source: CTK