JRD is merging two of its divisions. JRD Real Estate is formed

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-03-14   11:19

JRD merges two of its divisions. JRD Development, a leader in sustainable development and healthy living, and JRD Land, a land bank and specialist in subdivision development and urban planning. This creates a division with the new name JRD Real Estate. The CEO of JRD Real Estate remains Alexandra Tomášková, who has been leading the two separate divisions from her position as CEO.

"We decided to merge our two divisions primarily to maximize the synergies of these two companies, which are naturally related to each other in the development process. We are also fulfilling one of the long-term strategic goals of the JRD Group, namely the development of large-scale land units in the concept of sustainable construction. In this context, we are working, for example, on creating the concept of the so-called JRD carbon zero smart city and approaching carbon neutrality," comments Alexandra Tomášková, CEO of JRD Real Estate, on the change.

"In the Land division, we have successfully developed several territories in the past year, which were subsequently taken over by the Development division. The merger of the two companies is thus a natural and logical step. I believe that it will also contribute to further deepening cooperation within the entire JRD Group," adds Alexandra Tomášková.

JRD Real Estate focuses on land and residential development and is currently preparing 2,200 apartments in various stages of development with a future revenue value of CZK 16 billion. It brings together experts in working with land units and urban development, who are engaged in land acquisition, land consolidation and subdivision, or the sale of building plots. The selected plots of land are then used for the construction of environmentally friendly residential buildings with a healthy indoor environment. JRD has been involved in this for twenty years and is currently the market leader in this field. The use of the latest technology and renewable energy, the gentle integration of the project into the site, the promotion of community life and the emphasis on healthy living are key to the division.

JRD Group represents a group of companies that are involved in sustainable industries. Its portfolio includes, for example, sustainable development, renewable energy and environmental waste management. The founder and owner of JRD Group is Jan Řežáb. Since February 2023, the Group has been led by Jan Sadil as Group CEO.