Karlín Barracks belongs to Prague, it was transferred to it in the land register

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-01-18   16:56

The Karlín Barracks building has been transferred from the state to the capital city in the land register, which has now officially become its owner, city councillor Adam Zábranský (Pirates) said today. The barracks will be acquired by the city as part of a nearly two-billion-dollar property swap with the state agreed by both parties. The building dates back to the 19th century and is in poor condition. The future use of the building will be discussed by the city administration. A cultural and social centre is operating on the site and will remain there.

"Today marks the end of the property swap between the capital and the Czech Republic and the end of several years of Prague's efforts to acquire the Karlín Barracks. The transaction means a positive benefit for the city and the state. It will enable both parties to manage, maintain and, above all, invest more in their assets," Zábranský said.

How the city will use the neglected building in the future is yet to be decided. The barracks need reconstruction. The metropolis wants to negotiate the future shape of the site with, among others, conservationists. "We want to hold a meeting with them soon to discuss what kind of changes we will be able to make," Zábranský said.

In the past, metropolitan officials have said that apartments, a cultural centre or school facilities could be built there. However, the councillor said the social and cultural function of the monument should be preserved. "I believe that the barracks will continue to retain its function as a place of interesting meetings and will develop it. For example, into a social and educational complex or a science and technology park. The overall potential of this protected cultural monument is enormous, as are the spaces it offers," he said.

The exchange of the property, worth about CZK 1.7 billion, was negotiated between the municipality and the state for several years and finally approved by councillors last April. The city will get the barracks in Karlín and the building in Hybernská Street in exchange for most of the Bulovka University Hospital.

The historic building of the Karlin barracks dates back to the 19th century and was used for military purposes during the Czechoslovak and Czech Republic periods. The building has been listed since 1958. In the past, the state has repeatedly tried to sell the premises, but without success.

Source: CTK
Photo: prague.eu