Kassák Passage, 2nd phase of LIVING’s Kassák Project - Budapest, has been handed over

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-22   11:33
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Kassák Passage, the second phase of LIVING’s Kassák Project has received its final use permit, so residents will now be able to occupy the development’s 263 environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes. Located near the corridor of office buildings on Váci út, the project is really accessible but is in a tranquil neighbourhood. It offers quiet, modern homes with a special vibe in a number of buildings in a park-like arrangement. Kassák Passage is clearly very popular as there is now only two unit left available in the development.

The residents of the development, which is located between Klapka utca and Apály utca, will be able to enjoy the AA energy efficiency rating and environmentally friendly solutions, and thanks to the efficient floor plans and the high quality building, the apartments will be extremely comfortable. The structural arrangements also offer prospective residents cost-effective solutions. Due to the condensing boiler heating system, the 15-centimetre insulation, which is unusually thick, and the buildings’ other characteristics, residents will be able to enjoy optimal temperatures all year round with low heating costs. Besides the insulation, the façade doors and windows, as well as the elements made to prevent thermal bridging via the reinforced concrete plates on the balconies, also help maintain optimal temperatures, while the plants in the front gardens and the first-floor courtyard help create a microclimate between the buildings. Also, the underground garage has 64 electric chargers for residents with electric vehicles. These chargers are part of a dynamic energy management system, in which the chargers, which are connected to one another, indicate charging performance.

“LIVING is committed to building a sustainable future. With this in mind, from the very start it has developed its residential buildings to include environmentally friendly solutions. This makes these buildings energy-efficient and cost-effective in equal measure. Another of our aims is to make everyday life more comfortable for residents in our buildings. LIVING was the first company to introduce community services in the residential parks it develops. The range of services offered now covers everything from purchasing the apartment and its handover, to its furnishing and even its utilisation,” added János Martin, Deputy CEO of WING and Director of LIVING Residential Developments.

The 13th District is a dynamic, up-and-coming area. It has several new restaurants and cafés, and new service centres have opened recently as well. Office buildings utilising green technology are now also being built. These developments ensure a great number of leisure and recreational opportunities not only for the district, but also for the residents of the LIVING buildings, while in the long run, they also enhance the value of the apartments.
The centre of Budapest is easily accessible by both car and public transport from the apartments in Kassák Project, while travelling by bike is also convenient thanks to the extensive network of bicycle lanes in the neighbouring streets.