Kladno's deputies approved the sale of the land where a high-rise building is to stand

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-22   09:25

Kladno representatives today approved the sale of land where the high-rise building is to stand. It is almost 7,200 sqm of space in the town of Kročehlava, a private company will pay about CZK 30 million. The price is CZK 3,600 plus VAT per meter. The sale was criticized today by the Kladno opposition representative Anna Gamanová (STAN), according to her the price is low compared to market prices and the sale is in conflict with the methodology of the Ministry of the Interior. According to the mayor Milan Volf (Choice for Kladno), the price is based on an expert opinion and the conditions of the city that the planned construction must meet are also important.

"It's not just about the money, it's also about what will be created on the land," Volf said today. The purchase contract for the land will contain a repurchase reservation, ie if the buyer does not obtain a valid building permit for the construction of a high-rise building within 48 months of the land acquisition or does not submit a more detailed study of Kladno within 12 months of concluding the purchase contract.

The intention to sell the land, including the conditions, was approved by the city council last summer, when the current opposition was still in charge of the city. The current sale then meets the approved conditions. According to Gamanová, the sale process was stopped at that time due to the inconsistent position of the council. According to her, this is one of the last lucrative plots of land in the city and the city did not proceed properly in the sale. Gaman announced today that she will initiate an interior ministry to review the sale.

Kladno's leadership changed last September after deputies removed Mayor Dan Jiránek (ODS) and elected Milan Volf (Election for Kladno) to head the city. Representatives of the Elections for Kladno, the KSČM and two former YES members are now in the lead. The last coalition was formed by the ODS, Kladeňáci and ANO.

Source: CTK