Korona Shopping Centre adopts endangered crowned lemurs from the Wrocław Zoo

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-01   10:58
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As part of its commitment to environmental and social activities, Korona Shopping Centre has decided to adopt a crowned lemur from the Wrocław Zoo. This unique move is part of the centre's philosophy, which is known for its animal-friendly attitude. In 2024, the crowned lemur will become the Crown's 'brand hero', symbolising the active CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities implemented by the centre. The new cooperation was announced through a wide-ranging promotional campaign, full of mystery and curiosity, which successfully attracted the attention of the citizens of Wrocław.

Why did Korona choose Crown Lemurs? Apart from the name, which corresponds to the name of the shopping centre and the characteristic brown and orange 'crown' on the top of the head, the most important fact was that crowned lemurs are one of the rarest and most endangered lemur species.

Around 2014, scientists estimated that the crowned lemur population would decline by 50 per cent over the next three generations (24 years), but around 2020 the statistics skyrocketed. Crowned lemur numbers are declining much faster than expected. If we do not act today, this animal species will be gone in 10 years. As the main threat to the crowned lemur species is human activity, CH Korona decided to do more than just financially support a conservation programme for these animals. The centre has developed a year-long CSR action plan called Mission: the Crowned Lemur, which aims to inspire the Korona Shopping Centre community to engage in environmental and pro-social activities in the areas of:
1) conscious consumerism,
2) environmental responsibility,
3) social sensitivity.

"We are very grateful to Korona Shopping Centre, for their commitment to lemur education and conservation in such a big way. Such valuable adoption sponsors are at a premium, as Korona Shopping Centre has made a real event of the year out of the adoption of crowned lemurs, a truly remarkable gesture. We appreciate that Korona is not cutting corners, but has created a year-long marketing strategy based on the adoption of this interesting resident of our zoo. We are delighted that it is focused not only on educating about the threats to wildlife, but also on actions involving the local community, activating the people of Wrocław to care for the environment and raising environmental awareness," says Joanna Kasprzak, CEO of ZOO Wrocław.

Korona Shopping Centre planned a campaign full of surprises and mysteries to announce the adoption of the crowned lemur, involving Wrocław residents in an intriguing adventure. The campaign began with a week-long teaser campaign that used outdoor, POS materials and online channels, including social media and the Korona Shopping Centre website. The atmosphere of mystery reached its peak during the ambient campaign, which took place from 22-26 January, when mysterious travellers roamed the streets of Wrocław and in the vicinity of Korona Shopping Centre and the Wrocław Zoo, asking questions and provoking passers-by to play word games with the slogan "KORONIASTY". The most daring passers-by were rewarded with Zoo tickets and Korona Shopping Centre gift cards.

On 27-28 January, the shopping centre revealed the secret of its cooperation with the Wrocław Zoo during a pro-ecological action. This event became a platform to promote environmental action and social engagement, as well as to introduce Korona's brand hero for 2024 - Koroniasty.

In 2024, the Crowned One will become the ambassador of the csr campaign Mission: the Crowned One, which will include the series '12 jobs of the Crowned One'. The series will include Crown activities of an environmental and social nature, in line with the principle 'think globally, act locally'. Korona's aim is to draw attention to issues important to the local community and encourage active participation for a better future. As part of this initiative, Korona Shopping Centre will collaborate with local foundations, local government units and NGOs.

"We see the decision by Korona Shopping Centre to adopt a crowned lemur as an expression of our deep commitment to environmental issues and social responsibility. In a world where environmental and community action is not only welcome but essential, we wanted to take action that has a real impact on our lives. The choice of the crowned lemur was no accident - its unique characteristics and its situation perfectly reflect our values and mission. Through this, we want to remind people of the need to protect endangered species and the importance of building communities that support each other. We believe that our actions, both in terms of ecology and CSR, can inspire others and contribute to building a better tomorrow," adds Justyna Podpora of Cromwell Property Group Poland.

The adoption of a crowned lemur and the '12 Crowned Jobs' series is another step by CH Korona towards sustainability and social responsibility. More information about the project can be found at https://www.centrum-korona.pl/misja-koroniasty and on CH Korona's social media. The campaign is organised in cooperation with Wrocław Zoo.

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