KRD: Arrears towards telecoms amount to PLN 1.32 billion

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-06-07   10:39

Arrears with telecoms currently amount to PLN 1.32 billion, according to the data of the National Debt Register (KRD). The average debt of people and companies that do not pay for telephone, TV, internet and installments for smartphones and tablets is PLN 3.9 thousand. During the year, it increased by PLN 330.

In July 2020, the sum of arrears exceeded PLN 1.5 billion - historically it was a record debt. However, since then, customers have paid off some of their obligations. Out of the current amount of PLN 1.32 billion, most, i.e. PLN 945 million, are consumer debts, the rest are companies' arrears. There are almost 340,000 in the KRD database. debtors, both private and corporate, were reported.

"Our practice shows that consumers are now very disrespectful to repay this type of debt. This is the last point on the list of monthly bills for them, due to the rising cost of living. They are willing to pay only when the service is disconnected, which only after paying part of the debt. The receivables ordered by telecoms to be recovered are - under terminated contracts - penalties resulting from termination of cooperation and installments for smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes. equipment "- said Jakub Kostecki, president of the Kaczmarski Inkasso debt collection company.

Consumers and companies from Mazovia, where PLN 207 million have arrears, have the largest debts to telephone, internet and television providers. Silesia is second with PLN 183 million, and Dolnośląskie Province is third with PLN 137 million of unpaid bills and installments.

Most arrears are in small towns below 5,000. residents and villages - a total of PLN 205 million. When it comes to consumer debts, men's accounts are charged with more arrears - PLN 543 million. Women have PLN 402 million to pay.

In terms of age, the largest group of debtors are people between 26 and 35 years of age who have not returned PLN 272 million. The most reliable are clients over 65 years in arrears with PLN 67 million, completed.

Source: KRD and ISBnews