Lednica, family houses, cafes and cleaning plants are being built from shipping containers

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-08-11   00:45
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In South Moravia's Lednica, discarded shipping containers are used to create building modules that serve as modern apartments, family homes, and also gastro businesses. The company Stav Kont development opened a new production facility, increasing its original capacity by 200 percent. Development financing was provided by the bond market Zainvestuj.to. The issue of bonds in the amount of CZK 5 million was subscribed in a record period of two months.

In Lednica, South Moravia, another facility was opened for the renovation of discarded shipping containers, from which cheap and modern residential units are created on an area of ​​2,000 sqm. "The new facility will allow us to process 200 containers annually, which means up to a 200 percent increase compared to the previous capacity. At the moment, we are also modifying 15 containers at once," explains Jakub Zaviačič, CEO of Stav Kont development. At the same time, interest in this type of housing is increasing, this year alone the company has already registered 160 new requests, twice as many as in the whole of last year.

The trend is also driven by the unavailability and rising price of building materials needed for classic brick houses, as well as high mortgage interest rates, which together with inflation make it difficult for Czechs to have their own home. "Moreover, people stopped being afraid of container housing. In practice, he sees that it has a number of advantages, from practicality to easy modification according to specific needs to very quick completion. Completing the necessary documents is also simpler. At the same time, the quality of housing and economy are no different from wooden construction or classic brick construction. At the same time, the container unit is a significantly more favorable choice in terms of cost," says Zaviačič.

Family houses, complexes for the elderly as well as cafes and stands:
Discarded shipping containers with a standard size of 12 x 2.5 meters are thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt by the company for the chosen purpose. "Usage is universal. From a combination of modules, we can build a two-story family house with a generous usable area of ​​110 sqm, as well as separate residential units that are suitable as starter housing for young people or barrier-free houses for seniors. At the same time, people can buy fully equipped containers the size of a standard city studio apartment from CZK 1.2 million. The price also includes floors, furniture and sanitation," explains Zaviačič. The houses are insulated, sheathed, there is no lack of sanitary facilities, it is enough to transport them to their destination and connect them to utility networks. Containers can also be used as your own holiday home or bungalows for rent, which can be easily transported to the property.

Stav Kont development is also negotiating with selected municipalities about the construction of a complex for the elderly. The latter represents the missing intermediate step between expensive senior living in a large family home and life in a care facility. The project, which includes ten container apartments, emphasizes the functionality of the interior and the independence of the clients. It will offer seniors the privacy of their own modern home with a parking space and a small front yard, as well as the benefits of a community. Containers have also gained popularity as a solution for gastronomy, restaurants and cafes have already been established. One of the company's latest projects is a grandstand for a soccer field.

Refrigeration know-how will help in developing countries:
The easy availability of containers, favorable costs and good transportability make them an attractive alternative, not only for housing. Thanks to a series of subsidy titles, modified units are also in demand by African states. "For Senegal, Egypt and Gabon, we have already completed the container water treatment project. In Gabon, we are preparing a production hall where, using our refrigeration know-how, we will transform containers into facilities for the protection of national parks and into start-up apartments," says Zaviačič.

The company's development is financed by bonds:
Due to the growing demand for buildings from containers, Stav Kont development became a co-founder and shareholder of RMR Stav Kont Holding, which provides financing for their projects.

The company secured the financing of the new establishment through two issues of anti-inflationary bonds. It offered these to investors through the Zainvestuj.to bond market. "The company RMR Stav Kont Holding decided to issue anti-inflationary bonds with a yield of 16-17.4% p.a. For us, it was the fastest subscribed issue. At present, the sale of bonds from the second issue in the total amount of 19 million is underway," explains Petr Pelc, Zainvestuj.to analyst.

Container buildings are a new trend in the real estate market. From the investor's point of view, it is about filling a gap in the market, and thanks to the growth of this segment, this investment is perceived as safe. "This is also confirmed by the speed with which the issue was subscribed. This example shows the effective connection of investors, whose finances will be protected from inflation by an anti-inflation bond, and issuers, who are enabled to develop their profitable business. And that's thanks to the mediation of the Zainvestuj.to marketplace," explains its CEO Vojtěch Novák about the beneficial cooperation.

Zainvestuj.to currently offers, for example, investments in the Landee recycling line project, which efficiently recycles plastics , tires and autoplastics on LTO, carbon and gas. At the same time, the bond market's successes include the subscription of bonds issued by the company Československá bytová & investiční worth CZK 24 million. The issue was subscribed to in just 4 months.