Legislation supporting the development of housing in Poland pending

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-11-30   10:37

The Senate passed several dozen amendments to the act amending certain acts supporting the development of housing. The amendments prepared by MRPiT, among other things, extend the financial support to cover the costs related to the creation of residential premises as a result of renovation or reconstruction, they provide for an increase to 80 percent. co-financing from the subsidy fund to cover part of the costs borne by municipalities or inter-municipal associations when creating premises for rent, built e.g. by TBSs and lowering the age of renovated buildings (from 25 to 20 years) belonging to e.g. TBSs that qualify will be for renovation premium.

The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology in the statement sent after the vote in the Senate emphasized that the so-called the social part of the housing package includes increasing the availability of rental housing for people with low incomes; improvement of housing conditions in existing premises; rent subsidies for apartment sub-tenants; rental holidays at TBS; the possibility of obtaining ownership in newly built apartments in the formula of Social Housing Initiatives (SIM).

The new regulations also provide for support for social housing, greater and easier access to land for development, financial support for municipalities that have suffered as a result of COVID-19, in the construction of apartments. In addition, they provide for higher grants from the BGK Subsidy Fund for municipalities for the construction of social housing (from 20% of investment costs to even 35%), as well as the introduction of the principle of financing the municipal contribution, not