Lesopark and the new housing zone in Vyškov have acquired more precise outlines

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-15   08:32

Lesopark and the new zone for housing and commerce in Vyškov in the Na Hraničkách locality have acquired more precise outlines. The agricultural enterprise Lukrom will cease operations in the locality at the end of the year, the new owner of the areas and buildings is the company MOVYSKO, not the town. The plan is to regenerate the whole area in cooperation with the city, the town hall announced on its website.

The agricultural company stored agricultural commodities in the Vyškov centre and concentrated on the production of feed mixtures. The area is partially built up with operational buildings, access roads or areas for material handling, used for storage and parking. Vyškov hopes to end the production load, reduce the heavy car traffic that supplied the production area and end the operation of the railway siding. On the other hand, the construction will bring regeneration of the whole area.

"The reason is simple - without a private investor we would not have been able to realise our plan, we simply cannot release such funds for the purchase of the premises. We will need the money for a number of induced investments not only in the framework of the railway modernisation, but of course also for other investment actions for the development of our city. We have been meeting with the investor repeatedly to reach an agreement on the future shape of the site," said Karel Goldemund, the deputy mayor of Vyškov (association VY).

He said that without the combination of private and municipal capital, the town's plan would not be possible. "The city is not here to do business. In the future, it will build commercial areas on the land that MOVYSKO has acquired or will be left within the former Lukrom site. The land will be evaluated and used for business," said the deputy mayor.

The site is bounded by the central road of Sídliště Osvobození and on the opposite side by Na Hraničkách road. Of the total area of about three hectares, about 1.8 hectares will serve the city's purpose, according to the city hall. "We are talking about a comprehensive change of the strategic area to a combination of housing, services, parking and public areas or green spaces. Through the plan, the town hall becomes a guarantor of the future sustainable development of this central urban location," said Dušan Jakoubek, head of the development and strategic planning department.

The city aims to build the backbone of the new central zone with a predominantly urban green element. It will consist of a forest park and a nearly four-hundred-metre-long avenue made up of plane trees. The boulevard, which is to be about 37 metres wide, will not lack a cycle path or sidewalks. In the future, residential buildings, a commercial zone and other civic amenities are planned.

The line between Brno and Přerov has one track and is insufficient in terms of capacity; the current single-track line will be replaced by a double-track line. In Vyškov, the modernisation of the line will change the appearance of the railway station and its surroundings. The total cost of the works between Brno and Přerov will exceed CZK 80 billion. Vyškov will be affected by the second and third stages of construction at the end of the current decade, probably most significantly in 2029.

Source: CTK