Level2 Ventures will invest over PLN 130 million in technology startups in Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-15   10:20

Level2 Ventures will allocate over PLN 130 million from private funds to investments in Polish technology startups, the fund said.

The fund will invest in technology startups in the areas of AI, Blockchain, autonomous solutions, process automation and RES, at the Seed and Round A stages up to EUR 1.5 million. At the same time, Level2 will implement three paths of activities under the Development4Startups Program: creating an environment supporting portfolio startups, developing managerial competences of Founders and structuring the VC process, it is announced.

Level2 will provide portfolio companies with a wide range of business and operational support in the complete environment formula, thanks to a dedicated development program - Development4Startups Program and cooperation with industry experts.

The fund's strategy assumes reinvestment of the capital obtained from exits, which will allow it to become the largest venture fund in the CEE region in the next seven years.

"At Level2 Ventures, we believe that capital is only the first level of support. What has real value is the business and operational experience in building a business and its scaling, which, as experienced CEOs, we want to share. We believe that only such a combination of capital and strong business support implemented in the formula of partnership cooperation between the fund and the startup allows you to increase the chances of achieving global success," said founder and managing partner Adam Rudowski.

Level2 Ventures is a venture capital fund operating in the CEE region since 2021.