LPP has launched a mobile application for the Mohito brand, soon Czechia and Romania

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-12-06   08:44

LPP has launched a mobile application for the Mohito brand, the company said. The application is currently available in Poland, but plans to make it available in Romania and the Czech Republic in the first half of next year. In 2024. LPP intends to launch mobile applications also for other brands - Cropp and House.

In the second quarter of this year, the rotating mobile applications Reserved and Sinsay accounted for over 50% of LPP’s online sales in Poland. The growing importance of m-commerce in sales results prompted the company to invest more in this area. In mid-November this year. LPP also launched the application for Mohito, which currently has the highest e-commerce results in the entire Group, was reported.

“The application will strengthen the potential of our brand’s development in the online channel, which is already approx. 30% of her revenue. By providing us with data on, among others, customer preferences, the application allows us to better get to know them and adjust the offer accordingly. We also assume that as a more effective way to reach and interact with users, it will increase brand recognition and help build customer loyalty, which in the perspective will translate into even higher sales. The application, currently available in Poland, will also be Mohito’s support in foreign development. We plan to make it available in the most important sales markets of the company. In the first half of next year, it will be Romania and the Czech Republic," said omnichannel sales director Mohito Katarzyna Czekała.

In addition to easy access to the brand collection, the most important functionality of the application is Mohito ID, i.e. individual customer code, which can be added as a widget on the phone and always have it at hand. It contains information about the history of both online and stationary purchases. This enables, among others, quick online returns via forms in the history of orders and returns without receipts in all showrooms of the brand.

“The growing interest in this form of customer contact means that they increasingly value easy access to the offer and the ability to make quick purchases. This trend is also visible abroad. Currently, Reserved and Sinsay are available in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In addition, Reserved customers will make purchases in this channel in Germany, and Sinsay in Bulgaria and Croatia. They are an important support for the Group’s omnichannel development strategy, which is why the company plans to increase their reach by other countries. In 2024. LPP intends to launch mobile applications also for other brands - Cropp and House" - has been completed.

LPP manages the fashion brands Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2001; it is part of the WIG20 index. In the financial year 2022/2023 (February 2022 - January 2023), the company had PLN 15.9 billion of consolidated revenues.

Source: LPP and ISBnews