Mabion is finalizing work on the commercial production of a COVID-19 vaccine

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-08-04   10:01

Mabion is finalizing work and is moving to the stage of launching large-scale production of the vaccine antigen against COVID-19 in cooperation with Novavax, the company said. This means that the implementation of the framework agreement signed in March this year between the companies is proceeding as planned.

"We are successfully finalizing the small-scale production process and the implementation of a suite of analytical methods sufficient to evaluate the vaccine antigen on a laboratory scale, in which we consistently obtained a high-quality desired product. This process was carried out on model bioreactors. They are of smaller capacity, but at the same time representative for the process on the target scale, i.e. commercial (in bioreactors with larger capacity). We have prepared a quality system in the company to start work on a commercial scale. We are also in the process of carrying out the process on a commercial scale and transfer of analytical methods to evaluate the derived product The preparation of the production line for commercial scale production, which is almost ready, is also at an advanced stage. We are looking forward to delivering these devices in August," said Sławomir Jaros, member of the board and chief scientific officer.

Mabion is a Polish biotechnology company that was established to market the latest generation of biotechnological drugs based on humanized monoclonal antibodies. In 2010, Mabion entered the NewConnect market, and in April 2013, the company moved to the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.