Marera partners Aleksandar Gradnja with a JV on BIGZ building in Belgrade

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-02-19   07:35
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Marera Real Estate Partners have purchased the BIGZ building in its first partnership project, which it will renovate according to the tried and tested concept by which its sister company, Marera Properties, positioned itself as a leader in the reconstruction of famous buildings in Belgrade. After the praised transformation of the former Beko factory into today's Kalemegdan business center and in parallel with the transformation of the Belgrade Palace into the most modern office space, Marera will start a new project with the company "Aleksandar gradnja", as a partner with proven expertise in residential construction. The company MPP BIGZ, in which both sides have a 50 percent share, is the new owner of BIGZ.

A total of over EUR 40 million will be invested in the building of the once largest printing house in the Balkans, with reconstruction expected to last 18 months. As this is an anthological work of Serbian modern architecture, the company will work closely with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade to preserve the authentic appearance of Dragisa Brasovan's project.

"This monumental building has over 40,000 sqm, of which just over half of the usable space is due to impressively designed corridors and stairwells. Entering this project with "Aleksandar gradnja" will contribute to the efficiency of its realization, and at the same time opens the door to new cooperation and partnerships. In the domestic real estate market, the office segment is far from saturated and we see room for new investments. We will continue to expand our portfolio of commercial facilities, both independently and in partnership, "said Milana Sreckov, the company's director.

As a future modern business center, BIGZ will offer companies interested in leasing a combination of classic offices of different sizes and open space concepts, but also the possibility for the organization of space and interior design to be fully adapted to their needs and specific requirements.