Master Management Group introduces new tenants for 1,000 sqm to Hi Piotrkowska in Łódź

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-29   08:50
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Software developers Blue Brick and computer games market analysts startup IndieBI, as well as the Miracki Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and a branch of Alior Bank - these are the new tenants of the modern Hi Piotrkowska office building in Łódź, managed by Master Management Group. The tallest and one of the most modern Class A complexes in the city, combining office, service and hotel functions in the very centre of Łódź, today reaches a lease level of 90 per cent.

"The location of Hi Piotrkowska allows us to realise our main idea. The office is supposed to be on the way, the employees are supposed to be happy to drop by and not treat it as an end in itself. We would also like to be able to create the conditions in Łódź for frequent arrivals of employees from other Polish cities and from abroad, which is why the proximity of hotels and restaurants is so important to us. The office will also be an ideal base for exploring the city. We plan to conduct numerous recruitment processes in the coming years. The location, prestige and design are to be benefits that encourage potential employees to work with us," says Aleksandra Trzcinka, Office Manager of Blue Brick in Poland.

Blue Brick is a software company, developing tools and applications for clients in Western Europe and North America. Together with IndieBI, a startup that provides sales analytics for the gaming market, it will occupy a 533 m² space on the 13th floor of the office building. It will be the headquarters of both companies in Poland. Blue Brick and IndieBI are 'remote first' companies, where employees perform their tasks mainly remotely. More than half of the team lives in Łódź, so the new workplace is intended to be both an inspiring meeting place in the city centre, with clearly separated 'chill' and 'work' zones.

"Hi Piotrkowska is a unique facility on the map of Łódź, located directly next to the largest transfer station in the city, known by locals as the Stable of the Unicorns. It is the location, modern interiors, high ESG standards and prestige that are the greatest assets highlighted by the tenants of the entire complex. We welcome an exceptional team of programmers and IT market analysts who will occupy office spaces with a spectacular panoramic view of the city. We are also delighted to expand the offer of the retail and service part of Hi Piotrkowska with strong brands from the medical and financial sectors. I believe that the functionality, aesthetics and good energy of this location will contribute to their success," says Justyna Drużyńska, Director of Office Operations at MMG.

The portfolio of tenants from the service area at Hi Piotrkowska is occupied by Klinika Miracki - one of the most recognisable aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland. This is its first facility in Łódź. On an area of over 172 m², a team of qualified specialists - doctors and cosmetologists, offering a wide range of aesthetic medicine, laser therapy and high-tech cosmetology.

Retail and business customers in the area of finance are welcomed by Alior Bank. The bank already has a nearly 400 m² office on the 1st floor of Hi Piotrkowska. It will soon also open a bank branch for customers, taking up an additional area of almost 300 m².

Hi Piotrkowska is a multifunctional complex of three buildings, combining two office buildings with a total area of 21,000 m² with a retail and service area and a Hampton by Hilton hotel. The first office building is a 20-storey Class A+ tower with a height of 82 metres, while the second is a 5-storey building located in a line of historic tenement buildings, directly on Piotrkowska Street. Hi Piotrkowska is rated Excellent under the BREEAM International New Construction certification system for the Post Construction phase. Hi Piotrkowska is a modern workplace for Polish and global corporations from many industries, such as iTechArt, Avient, Signify, Sii, Tate & Lyle, PKO BP bank, Alior Bank, NewWork, among others, as well as a place for trade and services: Klinika Miracki, Klinika Bocian and Rossmann drugstore, Starbucks, Żabka, local florist Badylarz and many others.