Mayor Nicușor Dan wants to demolish Cathedral Plaza, Visarion 8 and Icoanei 2-8

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-11-29   10:25

The Bucharest Court has confirmed that construction work on the building at 8 Visarion Street was illegal, the Mayor General of the Capital, Nicușor Dan, has announced. "The permit expired, we did not extend it, and the owner changed the expiry date with a pen on the sign and continued working. It's been a year since we referred the matter to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the only body competent to stop the works, and we haven't had any response," said Nicușor Dan.

The mayor said that he had referred the matter to the Public Prosecutor's Office of the 1st District Court in order to stop construction work on the block of flats at 8 Visarion Street, on the grounds that "there are many illegalities and forgeries".

"After the building was demolished piece by piece without any authorization, in 2019 PSD Mayor Firea gave authorization for a 5-storey block. There are many illegalities, even forgeries found by the Prosecutor's Office. As usual, the State Building Inspectorate found nothing illegal," Nicușor Dan said.
"Cathedral Plaza, Visarion 8, Icoanei 2-8 are buildings that will be demolished, even if we lose years in court", Nicușor Dan concluded.