Ministry of Digitalisation has appointed an advisory team PL/AI Artificial Intelligence for Poland

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2024-01-29   16:48

The Ministry of Digitalisation has established an advisory team PL/AI Artificial Intelligence for Poland, which will develop recommendations for the use of AI to improve specific areas of the state's operations, Minister of Digitalisation Krzysztof Gawkowski said.

"We are initiating a very important project, a group of experts with proven global successes in AI development have pledged their support. This group is of course open and we want more participants to join. I believe that together we can ensure that AI is used to significantly improve the functioning of government activities that are important to citizens, The work that will take place within the team is, of course, just one element of our activities related to strengthening the use of this technology, the support for its developers and the legislation it requires. We have a lot of work to do in this area, but this is one of the priorities for me," said Gawkowski.

The use of artificial intelligence can help to increase efficiency and optimise processes in public administration. AI is also a huge opportunity for economic advancement and a leap in development for Poland, the minister said.

The team was conceived by Miron Mironiuk - founder and CEO of Cosmose AI, a Polish company operating in Asia's largest markets, which launched a pilot programme to teach programming in primary schools last September, 'Programming = Our Second Language', under the auspices of the Ministry of Digitalisation. The team and the involvement of experts in supporting the administration is part of the Poland Top10 strategy. Agnieszka Mikołajczyk-Bareła, Kamila Staryga, Marek Cygan, Tomasz Czajka, Karol Kurach and Łukasz Kidziński have also joined the team.

The group's initiators identified 10 areas at the start where artificial intelligence has a chance to realistically and measurably improve the state's operations - these are issues in the fields of security, education, public health, effective state and development, where AI can allow for increased efficiency, elimination of barriers or better planning. The team will prepare recommendations and share the knowledge of artificial intelligence practitioners with government administrations.

Source: ISBnews
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