Mississippi House and Missouri Park to be certified well platinum

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-12-07   10:50

The newest buildings at Riverside Karlín have received confirmation that CA Immo is serious about campus quality of life and sustainability. CA Immo continues to develop and improve the Riverside Karlín campus at the beginning of Rohanské nábřeží. The two most recently completed office buildings, Mississippi House and Missouri Park, have been awarded the prestigious WELL PLATINUM v2 certification, the highest level of certification.

WELL certification is a globally recognised standard for assessing the quality of the indoor environment of buildings with respect to human health and well-being. Achieving WELL PLATINUM certification means that Mississippi House and Missouri Park have met the most stringent criteria for air, water, nutrition, light, fitness and well-being.

"The WELL PLATINUM award builds on the LEED PLATINUM certification we previously earned. It makes Mississippi House and Missouri Park stand out in the entire Czech real estate market. Both certifications confirm the high standard of sustainability and quality of the interior environment of these modern office spaces," points out Václav Jonáš, Director of CA Immo in the Czech Republic. "We are very pleased to have won the first prize, but we are now focusing on innovations in the buildings we have built here before. We are also investing heavily in the quality of life throughout the Riverside Karlín area. With the completion of the HolKa footbridge, we have become the gateway to Karlín from Holešovice. Riverside has thus become a place where people who are just passing through will naturally meet those who work here. We want everyone to feel comfortable here," he adds.

The WELL certification differs from other certifications in that it places great emphasis on the impact of the indoor environment on human health and well-being. Originating in the USA, it requires specific building and operational standards to be met, and the high quality of the indoor environment is measured and audited by an independent expert.

In the case of Mississippi House and Missouri Park, these are specifically the following parameters:
- High air quality standards: the buildings have ensured the optimum quantity and quality of supply air, which contributes to an increase in working performance of up to 11%.
- Indoor lighting respects natural light: The high ceiling heights, the location and size of the windows ensured sufficient light supply and views of the greenery. The artificial lighting is equipped with Flicker-free technology, eliminating any unpleasant flickering. The lighting operates in circadian mode according to the user's preference or in automatic mode, respecting the time of day and the outdoor light diagnostics or chromatics. The light temperature from blue to yellow takes into account the natural biorhythm.
- Drinking water quality: strict standards for the quality and taste of drinking water apply not only in the offices, but also in the background and around the building.
- Promoting movement: The building's surroundings offer ample facilities for cyclists and runners, plus a variety of sports activities in summer.
- Mental health: The surrounding garden and park with relaxation zones are ready for relaxation. For those who want to work in the fresh air, they offer an outdoor office.