MMR estimates the cost of saving the barracks in Terezín and Josefov at CZK 4.7 billion

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-10-27   10:37

The Ministry for Regional Development (MMR) estimates the investment costs of rescuing and revitalising the buildings in the fortress towns of Terezín and Josefov at at least CZK 4.7 billion. The ministry wants the state to undertake a comprehensive solution and set up a restoration plan involving various sources at the level of a government commission with the involvement of other ministries, towns and regions. This follows from a draft resolution to be discussed by the government at its meeting today.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the problem of dilapidated buildings in the fortress towns cannot be solved at the city level as they do not have the necessary resources due to the size of the two cities and the vastness of the property, and so far money has not been found even at the regional level. Therefore, he suggests that the state should take a leadership role.

The material submitted to the government also aims to resolve the issue of property rights of the two fort cities to ensure long-term sustainability and viable operation of the respective facilities. The aim is to save the buildings and bring them back to life, according to the Ministry of Interior.

The material shows that the total investment costs of revitalising the brownfields in Terezín in the Litoměřice region are estimated at around CZK 3.5 billion. The most necessary support is needed for the well-known Žižkov Barracks, but also for other buildings such as the Provision Store, the Military Hospital, the Armoury and Cavalry IV. Flood barriers will also need to be addressed.

According to Terezín mayor Rene Tomášek (nestr. for RESET), the Žižkov barracks are 'on the verge of collapse'.

The cost of repairing the late Baroque building of the Square Barracks in Josefov in the Náchod region has been estimated at CZK 1.2 billion. The intention is to build depository spaces for five cultural institutions of the Hradec Králové Region and cultural and social activities for the public.

Jaroměř councillor and former mayor Josef Horáček (Jaroměřáci and STAN) considers the estimated amount to be realistic. "It should be sufficient. The government proposal states that the forts should be transferred to the state. I don't know if this refers directly to the Čtverc barracks. I wouldn't quite understand why they should be transferred to the state when the Hradec Králové Region has 100% use for them. But if it were a condition of the state's investment, I would personally welcome it, but it would have to be stipulated what the building would be used for," Horáček said yesterday.

The 12,000-strong town of Jaroměř owns most of the buildings in the Baroque fortress town, but has no money for reconstruction. Josefov is one of the top works of European fortress architecture. The estimated cost to the town hall of restoring the entire fortress town is around CZK 7 billion.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the amounts for barracks repairs may be higher due to the high prices of building materials, energy, high inflation and fuel.

For the restoration of buildings in fortress towns, in the past it was considered to use money from the National Restoration Plan (about CZK 600 million for the repair of the barracks in Josefov and CZK 700 million in Terezín). However, the current Minister for Regional Development, Ivan Bartoš (Pirates), said in April this year that the money from the National Recovery Plan would not be used to repair the barracks because the criteria related to the use of the funds could not be met.