Montenegro Airlines is still suffering heavy losses due to the pandemic

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-11-09   11:06

In the first nine months, Montenegro Airlines (MA) carried 123,447 passengers in all categories (regular, charter, code-share and ACMI), while in the same year 541,325 passengers were transported for the same period, showing a decline of 417,878 passengers, or 77.2 percent, the companies announced. They pointed out that the biggest restrictions for travel are the closed borders of many countries, the travel ban for Montenegrin citizens, primarily to EU countries, the necessary tests for entry into many countries, as well as quarantine measures. The Montenegrin national airline stated that during October, due to reduced demand, travelers for scheduled flights was even lower at 43 percent, unlike in October last year, when the cabin occupancy factor was 71 percent.

In the first nine months, most passengers were transported on the line to Belgrade, Podgorica and Tivat, a total of 64,125 passengers, then to Paris 8,419, Ljubljana 8,170, Zurich 7,572 and Frankfurt 7,485 passengers. The company states that the biggest obstacle is the travel ban for Montenegrin citizens, who, except in Serbia and Slovenia, cannot travel to other countries (EU) without a special reason, such as treatment, family reunification and the like. Also, according to the MA representatives, the necessary tests for entering many countries, as well as the quarantine measure of ten to 14 days, even for citizens and persons staying in foreign countries for returns from Montenegro, certainly represent a minor obstacle.