Moravský Krumlov sells building land in an electronic auction

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-31   00:12

The town hall of Moravský Krumlov in the Znojmo region sells seven plots of land ready for the construction of family houses in an electronic auction. The new owners will undertake to build the house within seven years, otherwise they will have to sell the land back to the city at the original price. Zdeněk Juránek, Deputy Mayor of Moravský Krumlov (KDU-ČSL), told the press.

"Family houses must be built within seven years, everyone can buy only one plot of land and it must be a natural person, ie a person, not a company. If the owner wants to sell the plot, he must first offer it to the city, at a price for which he bought it, which is 1,400 crowns per square meter without VAT, " Juránek described the conditions. According to him, they are based on the bad experiences of the city from the past.

The city continued to sell networked land without further conditions in the 1990s, but a number of plots remained empty because they were bought by speculators.

Moravský Krumlov successfully tested the electronic auction in the past, when it sold 45 plots of land in the Novosady locality in this way. Most of them are already under construction or a building permit has been issued.

Source: CTK