Motorway between Prague and Karlovy Vary still years from completion

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-24   09:17

Progress continues to be made on the D6 motorway between Prague and Karlovy Vary, with two new sections due to open next week. The Czech Highway Authority (RSD)  claims that the section that takes traffic around the village of Revnicov and the connection section that extends to Novy Straseci is all complete save for some final paperwork and documentation. Work on the two sections began in 2017.  Construction on another three sections of the D6, the last in Central Bohemia, should get underway in 2021. Although these will be done by 2024, several more section must still be in the Karlovy Vary region before the motorway will connect Prague, Karlovy Vary and the town of Cheb.