MRPiT: 26 companies have joined the Łódź SEE, they will invest a total of over PLN 1.3 billion

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-06-09   08:40

26 investors have officially joined the Łódź Special Economic Zone (ŁSEZ), who intend to invest nearly PLN 1.3 billion and create and maintain over 2,000 jobs, informed the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology (MRPiT) ).

"SME companies as well as large Polish and foreign production and service companies have joined the Łódź SEZ. This shows that we have built a wide range of programs supporting investors. Today, the Łódź SEZ offers investment incentives in the form of public aid, a base of investment areas, a modern industrial park, co-financing of training, as well as support for startups and creating bridges between them and investors. Cooperation with startups results in the implementation of technologies in our investors' factories that allow us to optimize costs, energy consumption, predict failures, increase safety "- said Marek Michalik, president of Łódź SEE.

Polish and SME companies dominate among investors. They account for over 60% of all investments. Although there are also several large foreign companies, such as Indorama Ventures Recycling Poland, an Indian producer of polyester flakes made of PET materials, the chemical group S54 from Luxembourg, French Roldrob - a European potentate on the poultry processing market, or the American WAW 11, which in Warsaw is building on several acres of modern data center.

"For several years, we have been combining startups and their ideas for innovation with the experience of investors. This combination creates real new technologies that build the development of Industry 4.0 in Poland" - added Agnieszka Sygitowicz, vice-president of SEE Łódź.

Large companies are eager to cooperate with startups. The creativity of young technologically advanced companies, their ease of adapting to the market and customer needs, combined with the knowledge of experienced business representatives, results in new technologies on the market, ideal for industry and modern business. Their potentials are connected by the Łódź Zone, which initiates cooperation between them in accelerators for startups. He currently runs three, Startup Spark, S5 - 5G and Re-Source Technology Accelerator, where he acquires startups from abroad and brings them to Poland. More than PLN 30 million has already flowed to startups from the Łódź Zone.