Na Pramenech: A Newly Completed Show House Is Open for Visits

by   Svoboda & Williams
2021-02-24   09:40
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While the construction of the Na Pramenech residential project continues full speed ahead, a furnished model house has been completed. Potential residents may now get a better idea of how the interior can be decorated and the facilities can be arranged. The minimalist, yet cozy style of the show house serves as an inspiration for how stylishly modern these homes in the newly emerging neighborhood in Prague 9 can be.

In January, the access road to the houses in the first phase was approved and the developer has requested the approval of the houses that have already been sold. The remaining houses will be inspected and approved gradually, so that clients may choose the final surfaces according to their preferences. The show house, arranged by an interior designer, can give them an idea of what they might want.

Please contact Svoboda & Williams to schedule a viewing of the show house.