New business service lines of Nhood Services Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-03-20   11:02

Nhood Services Poland, which provides specialist services to the commercial property market, has spun off three business lines within its structure - Property & Asset Services (PAS), Development (DEV) and Resources, Fund & Investment (RFI). The change will allow the company to diversify its client portfolio and offer tailored services.
The new organisational structure is part of the implementation of the company's vision, according to which Nhood Services Poland is developing its business as a provider of specialised and comprehensive services for the commercial real estate industry.

The new business lines - Property & Asset Services, Development and Resources, Fund & Investment - will be led by directors with long-standing relationships with Nhood Services Poland: Ada Walentek, Marcin Stokowiec and Michał Woźniak.

Property & Asset Services.

Ada Walentek, Head of Market, Property & Asset Services (PAS) coordinates the work of the Nhood Services Poland team and is at the same time responsible for the development of the property management service offering, including maintenance and cooperation with tenants. This line of business also includes comprehensive commercialisation services for retail space - from tenant-mix strategy, tenant search and contract negotiation, to contract signing and tenant coordination in managed properties.
An important area of Nhood's service activities in Poland, for which Ada Walentek is responsible, is Asset Management focusing on maximising the value of real estate, preparing, implementing and settling the management strategy of entrusted assets, as well as representing clients in dealing with contractors. Within the line led by Ada Walentek, the company also offers strategic and operational marketing services, reporting, ESG-related services and Project Management with property management.

"Property management and commercialisation of retail space are competences that our team has been developing for many years with numerous successes recognised by our existing partners: Ceetrus Polska, Auchan, Leroy Merlin. We also provide commercialisation services for the owner of Warsaw's Blue City and are actively seeking new business partners. As part of our Asset Management services, we build the value of the facilities and also develop them by recognising the opportunities their surroundings offer. In this way, places of convenient shopping and services appreciated by customers are created," emphasises Ada Walentek.

Development (DEV).

Marcin Stokowiec, Head of Development (DEV) at Nhood Services Poland heads a line that includes 3 areas of services developed by the company. These are Development Management, i.e. the coordination and management of activities aimed at the comprehensive realisation of an investment - from the planning stage to the completion of the investment as a substitute investor. Another area is Project Management, i.e. project management in the technical and administrative areas of the investment. Nhood Services Poland also provides Land Advisory services, in which it provides land consultancy to investors, developers and property owners who are planning to buy, sell or develop their properties.

"With many years of experience and the variety of projects we undertake, the team I lead can offer a unique service to the industry. Acting as a 'promoter', we want to create investment opportunities by preparing specific conceptual solutions with a special focus on revitalisation projects, changing or expanding the functions of investment areas," emphasises Marcin Stokowiec, Head of DEV at Nhood Services Poland.

Resources, Fund and Investment (RFI).

Michał Woźniak, Head of Resources, Fund & Investment (RFI), CFO at Nhood Services Poland is responsible for the line that will combine the competences of the company's existing financial and legal departments to provide an external mandate offering for commercial real estate clients.

"Our many years of servicing commercial properties, the huge scale of our operations involving around 1,600 contracts and nearly 30,000 invoices annually, our extensive experience in handling transactions and our stable tools mean that we can provide real estate clients with comprehensive lease management services, as well as legal support in the process of negotiating contracts with tenants," says Michał Woźniak, Head of RFI, CFO at Nhood Services Poland. "We also plan to develop our offer in the area of Capital Markets, i.e. assistance in obtaining financing for projects, as well as searching for investors also for joint ventures and support in negotiating agreements," adds Michał Woźniak.

Within the Resources, Fund and Investment line, the Nhood Services Poland team provides services in the sale of commercial real estate and investment plots, as well as supporting the company's other business lines.

New Business Development.

Anna Wysocka, New Business Development Director, is responsible for customer portfolio building activities for the services offered by the three new business lines.

"Our team's comprehensive and long-standing experience in the commercial property market means that we can successfully provide services for all types of properties at every stage of their life. Our success in providing management services for 25 retail facilities and commercialising the retail space of as many as 54 locations proves that we are a proven partner. I am convinced that our strengths, including the so-called one stop shop, will be recognised by potential customers," says Anna Wysocka, New Business Development Director at Nhood Services Poland.

Currently, Nhood Services Poland manages, is responsible for cooperation with tenants, commercialisation and re-commercialisation in 24 shopping centres and galleries owned by Ceetrus Polska and the Leroy Merlin shopping centre in Wałbrzych. The company is exclusively responsible for the commercialisation of units with a total retail area of over 46,000 sqm in 28 shopping facilities owned by Auchan Retail, and also provides its commercialisation services for the Blue City shopping centre in Warsaw. Nhood Services Poland manages the development of innovative mixed-use projects in Warsaw and Góraszka, among others, and provides services for investment land purchase and sale transactions.

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