New cooperative flats will be built in Brno between Křenová and Rumiště streets

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-10-12   10:25

Brno plans to build a building with cooperative flats on the brownfield of the former Dřevopodnik between Křenová, Rumiště and Mlýnská streets. At the same time, it will expand two current apartment buildings. There will be about 250 new apartments, the investment is about a billion, announced the municipality.

"The new house will be located on the future Brněnská třída, and although it may not seem so now, it will be a very good location. At the same time, we want to use the fact that we own two apartment buildings - Rumiště 7 and 11. so about ten more rental apartments," said Jiří Oliva, deputy for housing (ČSSD).

Three city apartment buildings, together with other buildings, would thus create a closed block with an inner courtyard between the current Rumiště Street on one side and the newly created Brněnská třída.

Brno is now looking for a designer who would design the building and coordinate the work with the construction of Brno Avenue and the restoration of the Ponávka river. At present, the brownfield is built on the buildings of the former Dřevopodnik, which the city must first demolish. So far, for example, a hydrogeological and engineering-geological survey, including sounding, has been carried out. In addition to these documents, the designer will also have at his disposal a volume study of the site and a technical study of the planned Brno class.

The costs are estimated to reach about one billion crowns. By 2024, the city wants to have a finished project. Demolition work will follow and construction will begin, it could be completed in 2027.

Source: CTK