New space opens in Panattoni Park Tricity East III. Alfa Warehouses begins operations

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-05-08   10:54

Panattoni has handed over new space in Panattoni Park Tricity East III. Alfa Warehouses, a company specialising in logistical warehousing, is to start up its operations within the Gdańsk development. During the search for new warehousing premises and the negotiation of the terms, the tenant was represented by consultancy Newmark Polska.

“We continue to support the huge potential of the Tricity region by providing modern buildings that enable the operations of global players and companies with international aspirations. Panattoni has developed around 700,000 sqm of industrial space in Pomerania and now we are handing over another development – the latest stage of Panattoni Park Tricity East III. Half of the newly completed space in our Gdańsk park has been taken by Alfa Warehouses, which intends to use the strategic location near the port to provide its clients with advanced logistic services. Our client has also reserved for itself the right of first refusal for the rest of the space in the building,” says Martyna Sochaczewska, the Leasing Director at Panattoni.

Alfa Warehouses was established by logistics operator Alfa Forwarding and its main operations is to provide logistical warehousing services. The company works with importers, exporters and trading companies including retailers from the e-commerce sector.

“We are investing as a response to the growing need of our clients who are looking for solutions to outsourced warehousing services. This is another important milestone for our company, which for over 30 years has been one of the leaders in air, sea, road and rail transportation. By setting up a new subsidiary, we are entering the logistical warehousing market as well as bringing with us our immense experience and above all a highly qualified team to guarantee the highest standard of services. Since our team knows the circumstances of Tricity logistics operators, we are able to offer our clients the best price.

Our detailed knowledge of the freight that is handed to logistics operators led us to invest in the highest quality equipment for handling palette goods that weigh up to 5 tonnes as well as for handling big bags, logs, home appliances and tyres. Our equipment includes grapples, timber carriers and derricks.

Since our warehouse is close to the port as well as railway lines and key road junctions, it makes the ideal place to efficiently store goods before they reach their final destination while at the same time it allows us to cut costs and improve our economic efficiency. Those we work with also benefit from us having our own Customs Agency with an AEO certificate. As a result we can issue essential documents for clearing various customs procedures and store goods in a bonded warehouse with high storage.

All of this in combination with the best prices, provides an unrivalled package of benefits that we offer to potential clients in the market,” explains Katarzyna Kisielewska, the head of the management board of Alfa Warehouses.

“The continuous development of port infrastructure as well as the railway links around the Baltic Hub has resulted in continuous growth year on year in the number of containers handled by the largest port in Poland. As a result haulage firms are growing as well as interest in warehousing space within the Pomeranian market. We are pleased that our Tricity team at Newmark Polska was able to support Alfa Warehouses in negotiating for and occupying its first warehousing space. The facilities meet the highest technical standards and are in a strategic location not far from the port, which was an important requirement for our client,” says Jakub Dudkiewicz, a Senior Associate at Newmark Polska.

Panattoni Park Tricity East III is a modern warehouse complex within the city limits of Gdańsk. As part of the latest stage, 10,700 sqm were handed over with the park growing to a size of more than 44,000 sqm. Among the numerous benefits offered by the park are its location nearby the Baltic Hub Deepwater Container Terminal and its access to a well-developed road network including the A1 motorway.

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