Nhood Polska settles architectural design competition of its mixed-use investment in Góraszka

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-13   12:31

A multifunctional complex of buildings with a GLA of over 45,000 sqm, which is part of the Projekt Góraszka investment, will be built according to the concept of the SUD Architectes studio. Modern, sustainable buildings will coherently combine commercial, service, gastronomic and entertainment functions. Nhood Polska plans to complete the investment in 2025.

The Góraszka project is a mixed-use investment with a GLA of nearly 74,000 sqm, which Nhood Polska is currently working on. The team responsible for planning new projects has defined in detail the assumptions and functions of the new investment. As part of the Góraszka Project, a multifunctional complex of facilities with a GLA of over 45,000 sqm will be built, as well as an aquapark, a large-format DIY store, drive-thru gastronomic facilities and a petrol station, which will be implemented in cooperation with external partners.

The company invited experienced architectural studios specializing in the implementation of commercial projects to the competition. The most attractive functional and aesthetic solutions were proposed by the international architectural study SUD Architectes.

"The concept proposed by SUD Architectes was distinguished by visual assumptions, including synergy between the planned elements of the facility. We wanted the project to blend in with the surroundings and connect the planned buildings with the already functioning Majaland family entertainment center, as well as take into account the specificity of the surroundings," says Marcin Stokowiec, Development Director of Nhood Polska.

The SUD Architectes proposal uses the latest trends in the design of multifunctional spaces, and also meets the current expectations of customers. The SUD Architectes studio proposed a design for a modern facility surrounded by greenery, with an open space, in which commercial, service, gastronomic, entertainment and sports functions smoothly intertwine. The shopping arcades and promenades will be partially roofed and at the same time open to the surrounding external space, which in favorable weather conditions will be an additional attraction for customers. The proposed elements of architecture refer to nature through their shapes. They are also inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of Mazovia, as well as references to the former Góraszka airport. It will be a new generation facility, which is not yet available in Poland.

"We are glad that the architectural design of a multifunctional real estate in Góraszka we proposed has won the recognition of the Nhood Polska team. It is an honor and a challenge for us. I am convinced that our extensive, international experience in designing mixed-use facilities will allow us to jointly create a unique project on the Polish market," says Nicolas Roques, Managing Director of SUD in Poland.

The investment planned in Góraszka will include numerous solutions in the field of sustainable development. The architectural design involves the use of locally produced building materials, including natural wood and stone. The constructed facilities are to be characterized by low energy consumption, mostly from sustainable sources, including photovoltaic panels. The project in Góraszka also assumes the use of solutions ensuring the retention of rainwater and its use for the needs of the complex. They will include rain gardens or green roofs with extensive greenery. The water collected in the retention reservoir will be used to water the green areas of the complex.

"The Góraszka project reflects a new approach to the design of commercial facilities that are sustainable places for leisure and shopping. In practice, this idea will be strengthened by the organic architecture of the complex and the use of sustainable materials and renewable energy. The facility will be roofed, but at the same time open, which will ensure natural ventilation and encourage visitors to be active outdoors. Outdoor squares with natural greenery will become a space where various events and meetings for customers and the local community can take place," says Jocelyn Fillard, architect, partner at SUD Architectes.

The Góraszka project is a modern mixed-use investment of an unprecedented scale and form:
Already at the investment preparation stage, Nhood Polska will apply for BREEAM New Construction and BREEAM Communities certificates. The certificates will confirm the effective management of the construction process, reducing the negative impact on the environment and creating a space friendly to the health of users and ensuring their comfort.

The new mixed-use investment of Nhood Polska in Góraszka will provide residents of the south-eastern part of the Warsaw agglomeration with convenient shopping, access to various services and many opportunities to spend their free time in an attractive way. The multifunctional complex in conjunction with the already operating Majaland Warsaw family amusement park will be a unique proposition for the inhabitants of the region.

"The project in Góraszka has many advantages. The location and the new system of expressways make the facility accessible from anywhere in Warsaw and from cities located in the eastern part of Mazovia. The excellent location and wide zone of coverage make the investment extremely attractive for tenants, both large international brands and local entrepreneurs. We are planning to start the commercialization of the facility at the turn of 2022 and 2023," says Anna Będkowska, project manager at Nhood Polska.