Nhood Polska strengthens cooperation with tenants

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-21   08:26

Nhood Polska has been successfully developing cooperation with tenants and has recorded very good commercialization results in the managed retail facilities. Since the beginning of the year, the company has signed 51 new contracts with tenants for a total area of ​​over 10,000 sqm GLA, and the vacancy rate in shopping malls and malls in the company's portfolio has returned to the level before the Covid-19 pandemic. Nhood is also noting an increase in footfall in managed facilities and is working on new attractive investments.

Shopping centers and malls managed by Nhood Polska, even during the most severe business restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, enjoyed great trust among customers and a high level of footfall. This is evidenced by a relatively small decrease in the value of the footfall index in the facilities managed by the company.

"The high footfall of shopping centers and malls managed by Nhood, as well as good relations with tenants positively influenced the work of the commercialization team, resulted in new contracts and facilitated negotiations with existing partners. We have achieved the best results in 18 months for the lease of space, of which we are most pleased with the decrease in the number of empty units in the facilities we manage by two percentage points," says Marcin Matysiak, commercialization director of Nhood Polska.

Thanks to the activity of the commercialization department, the assortment available in shopping malls and malls managed by Nhood was enriched with categories and brands sought by customers during lockdowns. They include drugstore brands, pet shops and discount stores. Therefore, soon new stores of brands such as TEDi or Hebe will appear in the space of centers and shopping malls managed by Nhood, and on September 1, the first Maxi Zoo pet store in the city opened in the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center. Nhood is also dynamically developing cooperation with popular fashion brands, including Sinsay, Monnari, Carry and Tatuum.

Nhood Polska is currently working on two mixed-use projects. These are Wilanów Park in Warsaw's Wilanów district and Projekt Piaseczno on the site of the former trolleybus depot in Piaseczno near Warsaw. These modern investments will combine commercial functions, gastronomy, services, entertainment and office space. Thus, they will ensure that residents will meet their most important needs in one place, without the need to travel to remote districts, which is part of the concept of a 15-minute city.

"A mixed-use investment brings benefits not only to residents, but also to tenants who decide to develop their business in its area. The combination of many functions within the project allows residents to meet their most important needs in one place, and thus has a positive effect on the frequency of visits to the facility. Tenants also benefit from the synergy of various investment functions," says Matysiak.

The Nhood Polska team is also working on the expansion of selected retail facilities. A retail park with an area of ​​approximately 4.5 thousand square meters will be built next to the Auchan Shopping Center in Mikołów. sq m GLA, which will significantly enrich the commercial offer in this location. The construction of the investment is scheduled to start in early 2023, and tenants interested in developing business in the planned investments may already contact the Nhood commercialization team on this matter.

"Customers visiting centers and shopping malls managed by Nhood Polska during the Covid-19 pandemic appreciated the available offer and such features of the facilities as the presence of a large food operator, spacious outdoor parking, as well as concern for sanitary safety and health of buyers," points out Marcin Matysiak.

The international SafeGuard certificates, which have already been awarded to twelve facilities from the company's portfolio, confirm that the facilities managed by Nhood Polska meet the high sanitary standards related to preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Granting this certificate to an object is preceded by a detailed audit. The process of verifying epidemic safety standards is complex and takes several weeks. As a result, consumers can be sure that they can shop safely when visiting retail facilities managed by Nhood.