Nordis Group announces investments worth €47 million for the Nordis Mamaia complex

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-04-29   09:39

Nordis Group, the only developer of 5-star hotel and residential complexes, is investing more than 47 million Euro in the Nordis Mamaia 5-star complex by the end of the year. These investments concern stage 1, where the following will be carried out: landscaping, finishing of buildings 3 and 4, complete furnishing of the hotel and preparation for the opening of a series of facilities, open all year round: restaurant, shopping gallery and completion of the largest SPA on the coast, spread over 3200 sqm. Phase 2, currently under construction, is estimated to cost €24.2 million by the end of the year. In addition, the construction of the 1200-space car park is being prepared, an investment of approximately €12.4 million.

Built on an area of more than 43,000 square meters, located between the sea and the lake, just 50 meters from the beach, Nordis Mamaia comprises residential buildings and the most impressive hotel on the coast, which is due to open in the second half of 2023.

The landscaping of the area contributes to the overall perception of the complex, as well as the surrounding area on Brizei Street No. 1 in the north of Mamaia resort. Being a very important component for the developer Nordis Group, the landscaping of the green areas in phase 1, which is currently under construction, involves an investment of more than 500,000 Euro.

One of the priorities is the completion of the wellness centre, an investment of over 2.2 million Euro. The SPA area will be available for all the owners of the residential complex and for the tourists of the Nordis Mamaia hotel, representing an ideal space for relaxation, including vitality pool, saltwater pool, children's pool and sauna, hamam and private SPA area.

The hotel buildings are fully completed and will be fully furnished in the next 2 months. The furniture chosen for the Nordis Mamaia hotel is elegant, modern, but different, the chosen supplier being a Spanish manufacturer. In addition to the quality attribute, the products also tick the features of a contemporary design with a specific touch of the "quiet luxury" trend. The Nordis Mamaia hotel furnishing service was provided by the developer, in order to achieve a unified furnishing, which harmoniously complements the entire art and interior design. The investment in furnishing the hotel units amounts to more than 8 million Euro.

For residential apartments, the furnishing service offered by Nordis Group is optional. Owners can choose to follow the interior design line of the entire Nordis Mamaia complex or they can furnish their own properties individually.

Both hotel guests and owners of the residential apartments will have access to premium services such as room service, concierge, valet parking, but above all access to the premium facilities of the 5-star hotel, open all year round: 3,200 sqm SPA, fitness room, indoor and outdoor pools, 12 restaurants and cafes, multi-purpose hall for events, ballroom, playgrounds, VIP Cinema, medical recovery clinic, private beach.

"We started the development of Nordis Mamaia with vision, because we wanted everything we build to become a reference in the resort's tourism and to raise the standards in terms of quality of life. The financial investments in the next period amount to 47 million Euro, a large part of which will be allocated to the completion of the Nordis Mamaia residential buildings and facilities in phase 1. This will allow us to inaugurate the hotel as soon as possible and to put into operation a series of premium facilities, open all year round. We have a real focus on the benefits offered, which we are delivering at a 5-star level, which will raise the attractiveness of the services offered in the resort, but also the value of the Nordis Mamaia properties, which will appreciate further," says Emanuel Poștoacă, founder of Nordis Group.

Nordis Group is developing a hotel and residential complex with more than 2800 units, which is why it has included a 12-storey car park in the Nordis Mamaia plan from the design stage, to ensure sufficient parking spaces for residents and tourists. The car park is located opposite the development, on the edge of Lake Siutghiol, and will be equipped with charging stations for electric cars. The investment allocated to the car park amounts to €12.4 million.

The second phase of the Nordis Mamaia development comprises only residential properties. Currently, the foundation is being laid and work is being done on pouring the slab over the basement. By the end of the year, the structure of both buildings will be completed, as well as the exterior facade, an investment of approximately €24.2 million.

In the Mamaia Nord complex, the developer owns and remains the owner of all the commercial spaces, the areas on the ground floor of the hotels and residential buildings, in order to maintain the quality of the services offered and the brands present in the shopping arcade, while carefully controlling the tenants. These premises have been valued by ANEVAR valuers and have a value of over EUR 19,000,000.

With a market value of more than 400.000.000 Euro, when the whole project is completed, the complex will be the largest mixed development in Romania, totalling 250.000 square meters built.

Deliveries in the Nordis Mamaia complex started in July 2022, and so far more than 423 units have been delivered. The process continues, with more and more buyers becoming rightful owners in both the hotel and residential blocks in Phase 1.

Nordis Group closed 2022 with 341 apartments sold, with a cumulative value of more than €33 million. 98% of the purchases were made without accessing any financing methods, with 38% of the sales made through referrals, confirming the strength of the Nordis investor community.

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