Nusco Imobiliaria has sold 30% of the second phase of the Nusco City complex

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-12-06   09:33

In just three months since obtaining the construction permit, the real estate developer Nusco Imobiliara has traded 285 units from the second phase of the largest urban regeneration project in the northern part of the capital city – Nusco City.

The second phase of the ensemble will include 840 units, featuring double studio apartments, two, three, and four-room apartments, and exclusive duplexes. This phase is estimated to involve an investment of over EUR 130 million. The first phase of Nusco City delivered 622 new residences to the community.

“On an area spanning 23-hectares, Nusco City will accommodate a total of over 4,000 apartments, parks, green areas, and infrastructure - covering approximately 40 percent of the entire project area. We will also have educational units, dedicated commercial areas, as well as office spaces. Therefore, we were well aware of the value of our project and we are thrilled to see such a high-performing sales pace,” said Bogdan Iliescu, Commercial Director at Nusco Imobiliara.