Omar Sattar to lead Crowdberry's real estate investment team

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-10-07   10:31

As of September, Omar Sattar has taken over the management of the real estate investment team of the Czech and Slovak investment platform Crowdberry. The company now provides private investors with a greater volume of specific investment opportunities in high-quality residential projects and commercial real estate. Crowdberry to date has specialized in investing in the equity of companies. Over the past five years, the firm has helped five hundred private investors invest in fifteen companies, such as Footshop, GymBeam, and Ecocapsule, with investments worth 24 million Euros. At the same time, it manages an investment fund worth more than 23 million Euros supporting young Slovak companies. A similar principle of equity investing is applied to real estate sector. Sattar has more than 25 years of experience in the sector at companies like DTZ, Avestus Capital Partners, and Colliers International. He's been active in Central Europe since 1997.