OMV is introducing the possibility of climate-neutral refueling for companies in the Czech Republic

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-06-07   10:47

The Austrian company OMV, which operates a network of 140 filling stations in the Czech Republic, is introducing the possibility of climate-neutral refueling for companies in the Czech Republic. According to OMV, the non-profit initiative will currently be available in eight countries, except for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia, where a pilot project took place, and Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

"In this way, we enable our customers to refuel in a climate-neutral way at their own expense," said Dušan Kotas, procurator of OMV Czech Republic, today. With the appropriate OMV fuel card, it offers companies the option of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions either for each liter of fuel purchased or for the amount that the customer chooses individually.

Large customers of OMV fuels can also contribute. Corporate customers can compensate for all or part of the amount of fuel purchased. According to the company, diesel will be 15 pennies per liter, while gasoline will be 13 pennies per liter. The resulting refueling price will then increase by this value, but through the customer portal of the partner company ClimatePartner, the companies will receive a certificate proving the compensated quantities. OMV is committed to generating no profit for the initiative, all the money going to certified climate protection projects around the world.

The international oil and gas company OMV is one of Austria's largest industrial companies. It operates approximately 2,100 service stations in ten European countries and gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany, including three refineries. Last year, the group, including its subsidiary Borealis, reported a total turnover of EUR 17 billion (about CZK 433 billion) and employed approximately 25,000 people.

Source: CTK and OMV