Ostrava-based H2 Global Group has developed the first Czech hydrogen-powered bicycle

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-02-14   15:13

H2 Medical Technologies from the Ostrava-based H2 Global Group has developed the first Czech bicycle powered by hydrogen. The H2 Bike 01P has a range of up to 150 kilometres on one hydrogen bottle and its engine has a power of 250 watts. The bike is completely environmentally friendly. David Maršálek, president of H2 Global Group, told journalists. The company presented the prototype bike today at the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC) in Ostrava. The bike could cost customers around CZK 200,000 in the future.

The hydrogen bicycle is part of a comprehensive programme of the hydrogen city of the future. "The goal is to get it to the production stage, ideally in Ostrava, so that we can move around in the hydrogen city in an environmentally friendly way," Maršálek said.

It is actually an electric bicycle enriched with hydrogen energy, he said. The primary drive of the electric motor is provided by a hydrogen fuel cell. The excess energy from the hydrogen process is used to recharge a second, smaller source, the so-called reserve battery, which can power the bike for up to 70 kilometres without using hydrogen. The battery is recharged while riding, but can also be recharged from a power outlet. The bike weighs over 30 kilograms, more than conventional electric bikes.

According to Maršálek, several hydrogen bicycles have already been developed in Europe, for example in the Netherlands, France and Germany, and some are already in series production. A Czech bike could cost around CZK 200,000. "When we look at other bikes that cost 10,000 euros (almost 240,000 crowns) or more today, I think we can definitely get to a lower price," Maršálek said.

Maršálek said when the bike could go into production would depend on how quickly technical issues, such as bottle filling, and legislation could be finalised. "We will now start working on a system whereby we can either fill the bottle ourselves or use an external company. We have to have the bottles made so that they are replaceable, just like the siphon bombs," said Marshal. A filled bottle for replacement should cost about CZK 250 to 500, he said.

Marshal said the bike was made in just two months. "At the end of 2022, we approached suppliers for various parts and solutions. We did not invent what is invented, but added our innovative approach. This is how the H2 Bike 01P hydrogen bike prototype was created," said Maršálek.

H2 Global Group is a group of companies that are involved in hydrogen. It is a pioneer in the field of hydrogen technology for the healthcare, spa, wellness and beauty, agriculture and livestock industries. Project Wheel was created at MSIC in the company's H2 Medical Technologies division, which deals with highly innovative molecular hydrogen-based products in the healthcare and spa industries. Pavel Vašek, designer, and Pavel Klasovitý, head of development, were involved in the development.

Source: H2 Global Group and CTK
Photo: Linde Group