Over 650,000 sqm of storage spaces traded in 2020 in Romania

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-01-12   10:55

Real estate agencies traded over 650,000 sqm of storage space over the past year, across Romania, and the vast majority of contracts targeted new deals, according to an analysis by Dunwell. 2020 was a better year in terms of traded industrial spaces than 2019, which registered 475,000 sqm of traded storage spaces. The industries that were in the top of leased areas are FMCG (38%), logistics (15%) and retail (13%), followed by production and pharma. Most of the contracts were signed in Bucharest, followed by Timisoara and Craiova. The most active developers in relation to real estate agencies were WDP with 162,640 sqm brokered for its deposits, followed very closely by CTP (154,044 sqm) and P3 (133,450 sqm).