Owner of land near the D3 in Tábor, which is awaiting expropriation, asks the President for help

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-12-06   11:32

Pavel Bratránek, the owner of motocentre land crucial for the completion of the D3 near Tábor, is asking President Petra Pavla for help. The state will expropriate his land. Bratránek says he has been ordered by the Road and Motorway Directorate (ŘSD) to evict the factory within 60 days, but he has nowhere to go and has not yet been paid. No decision has yet been made on financial compensation. This will put him at an "existential rock bottom", he said in open letters to the President and the Constitutional Court (CC). His complaint to the CC about the expropriation was rejected by the court in November.

"The situation is such that the Regional Development Agency has asked me to vacate the property within 60 days. Since I have not been paid for the property to date, I cannot get another property to move to and move my business there. The property is not vacant, I have a lot of equipment and motorcycles and I continue to operate my business there. The moment the RDC forcefully evicts me, I lose all source of income. I will soon reach the bottom of my existence," Bratranek wrote in his letters.

ŘSD applied for the expropriation of Motocentre's land in order to complete about 400 metres of the D3 motorway. The land owners, the Bratránek brothers, disagreed with the expropriation, calling the decision unreasonable and unconstitutional. In November, however, the Constitutional Court rejected the complaint by Pavel Bratránek and Taartrade. ŘSD then asked the transport ministry to renew the construction procedure and a tender is being held to find a contractor for the D3 extension. The constitutional complaint was rejected by the court for obvious unfoundedness, Natálie Nechvátalová of the Constitutional Court confirmed in November.

The Bratraneks have repeatedly claimed that the state has thwarted their investments, issued illegal building permits and refuses to pay damages. ŘSD previously said it had proposed compensation of between CZK 10 and 20 million to the Bratraneks. Pavel Bratránek, who has been running the motocentre since 2000, has previously called this a lie. According to ŘSD, the problem arose in 1998, when the building authority in Tábor erroneously permitted the construction of the motocentre as a permanent structure over a temporary access from the I/3 road. Last year, it concluded that expropriation was necessary and that there was no other solution.

70 kilometres of the D3 motorway, which is to connect Prague with České Budějovice and the Austrian border, is now in operation. It should be 170 kilometres long. ŘSD is now building a continuous 30-kilometre section of D3 in southern Bohemia. According to the Ministry of Transport, the entire D3 motorway should be completed by 2030.

Source: CTK