Panattoni has completed 70% of the City Logistics Kraków I project and has secured more tenants

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-06-15   13:56

Panatton, is actively involved in City Logistics Kraków I development. New tenants have already moved into the centre including FM Logistic, which makes use of a corner cross-docking facility and Sports equipment distributor Raven. The Brownfield development has reclaimed a site for business within the city limits of Małopolska’s administrative capital and at the same time it has revitalised the area and improved it ecologically.

The potential sleeping on the edge of a city. Panattoni has developed around 70% of the 36,500 sqm planned as part of the City Logistics Kraków I development, and the completed space is already fully leased. By building last-mile centres, the developer is allowing its tenants to move their businesses inside urban areas and into city limits so as to be closer to their clients and their workers. One example is FM Logistic – an international company that has just leased 2,300 sqm in City Logistics Kraków I, moving its operations from the Skawina region, which lies to the south of the city. As well as an excellent location within the city on ul. Cementowa, which will allow FM Logistic to offer a wider range of urban logistics services, the company has also gained very good access to the S7 expressway and it now uses space that is tailored to its needs. A well-designed warehouse allows logistics operations to run smoothly. Panattoni has developed a corner cross-dock facility and also provided for the tenant’s need for an increased number of docking bays, entrance gates and parking spaces. The developer has also taken care to ensure more access to natural light than is standard and this accounts for 10% of the lighting requirements. City Logistics Kraków I is a brownfield development built on former industrial land.

“Due to its location and history, Kraków is a key business centre in Poland but the lack of available land limits the potential of the industrial property sector. That is why Panattoni is reclaiming post-industrial land to give its clients the possibility to develop in the best location. Brownfield development will unlock the potential of the administrative capital of Małopolska and allow logistics retail and clothing companies to grow in the region thus further increasing the attraction of the city and its surroundings. Over the last two years around one third of Panattoni’s developments have been brownfield projects. The reclamation of post-industrial land is of clear benefit to business while at the same time it makes up part of the closed economy,” says Filip Noworól, Senior Leasing Manager, Panattoni.

Raven Sport Sp. z o.o., has also taken advantage of the space provided by leasing 1,600 sqm. The company is involved in the distribution and retail of high-quality clothing and footwear as well as sports equipment. It is also the exclusive national distributor of a number of well-known and rising brands. The Kraków origins of the company demonstrate the potential of City Logistics centres for local firms with a far-ranging reach.

City Logistics Kraków I is being built in a location that is strategic for companies that run inter-regional businesses as well as strategic in regard to their access to employees. The development is in one of the city’s industrial districts and is barely 250m from a tram and bus terminal. The biggest asset of the location is its proximity to the S7 expressway, which when completed will soon link the centre with the cities of Warsaw and Gdańsk in the north. The park is also of great benefit even to small businesses, since the minimum SBU module for lease is 1,080 sqm. The flexibility of the space makes it suitable for logistics, production, warehousing and also e-commerce.