Panattoni has won financing from BNP Paribas and is launching construction work in the Warsaw region

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-15   10:37

Panattoni is launching another project near Warsaw. The company has launched the construction of Panattoni Park Grodzisk V in the village of Natolin with the development being financed by a EUR 17 mln loan. The first stage of the project will comprise 25,000 sqm and one of the future tenants is to be a global manufacturing firm.

The Mazowiecki region shows that, as an industrial market, its attraction remains undiminished for tenants. Panattoni has already delivered over 2 mln sqm in the region and has a further 80,000 sqm under construction.

“For us, it is of strategic importance to continue to develop and diversify what we offer in and around the Polish capital. The Greater Warsaw area is a key logistics hub and the demand here remains at one of the highest levels throughout country. By building another park next to the A2 motorway, hardly 35 km from the centre of Warsaw, we are meeting the needs of potential tenants from the logistics and manufacturing industries, for whose operations a well-connected location in the centre of the country is of crucial importance,” – says Michał Samborski, the Head of Development at Panattoni.

To develop the 25,000 sqm project, the developer has been awarded a EUR 17 mln loan by the BNP Paribas bank. “Industrial centres of a very high quality in the Warsaw region, which is one of the fastest developing business centres in all of Europe, attract tenants from different industries. Banks can also see this potential so they will award financing for the development of further projects in the region. The Warsaw area already has the highest volume of industrial space of any region in the country and its unwavering potential and continued development is still feeding its further growth. Currently, warehouses are the kind of commercial real estate that banks are most eager to finance and the trends point to such centres remaining the number one option of financial institutions for a long time to come. Additionally, the Grodzisk project benefits from a superb location and an experienced developer,” says Karina Trojańska, the Chief Financing & Operating Officer at Panattoni.

Panattoni Park Grodzisk V already has its first tenant – an international manufacturing company. “At a time when Europe is re-industrialising, the share of the market taken by manufacturers is set to grow, which has already been attested to by sector reports. According to these, such tenants were responsible for almost a third of the space leased in Poland in the first half of 2023. By building flexible projects, we make space for their development and for them to run even the most hi-tech production facilities,” surmises Michał Samborski.

Panattoni Park Grodzisk V is to be located in the village of Natolin 2.5 km from the A2 motorway and 16 km from the S8 expressway. Panattoni’s new park is to undergo BREEAM certification for a rating of ‘Excellent’. Panattoni is to create a relaxation area for the well-being of the centre’s workers and is to ensure that the office space will have excellent access to natural light due to its glazed walls. Flower meadows and a landscaped lawn have been planned for the area around the centre as well as numerous tree plantings. Moreover, to meet the needs of the first tenant, the development is to be equipped with numerous sustainability solutions, including roofs with higher-than-standard thermal insulation and an insulation system that is to recapture heat generated during production. In order to reduce electricity usage in the production hall, Panattoni is to install presence detectors and a system that adjusts the lighting levels in relation to how much natural light is available.