Panattoni to deliver another 82,000 sqm for H&M Group in the Poznan region

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-05-24   16:39

Panattoni has already completed nearly 230,000 sqm of space for H&M Group with a very high environmental standard. This year, the company will deliver another 82,000 sqm in the Poznan region. The developer will achieve a BREEAM environmental certification of at least Excellent. The facility will support the e-commerce of the H&M Group.

Panattoni and H&M Group are changing the industry. In February this year, the developer launched green development for H&M Group. The 82,000 sqm facility will be delivered in October this year as part of Panattoni Park Poznań A2 to help support the company's e-commerce. The company plans to achieve a BREEAM certification of at least Excellent. The facility, like previous projects for H&M Group, will be built without the use of PVC, and the developer will adapt the roof for a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 700 kWp. In addition, the tenant will benefit from an increased number of skylights, a BMS system, and intelligent lighting. In terms of water saving, Panattoni will prepare, among other things, a rainwater recovery system. A drinking water treatment plant will also be built on the site, and domestic sewage will be discharged to biological wastewater treatment plants.

The facility allows for a large number of employment and provides multiple benefits to employees such as chargers for electric cars, infrastructure for cyclists, an indoor and outdoor gym, an outdoor terrace, a volleyball court, a boules track, and a central office drinking water system.

"Later this year, the space delivered by Panattoni for H&M Group in Poland will exceed a 300 000 square meters. Each additional meter is a brick added to the green revolution in the entire industry. Facilities built without PVC, using RES, as well as numerous energy- and water-saving solutions are milestones for sustainable construction and an example for the entire sector of how green investment can be in many aspects," says Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director at Panattoni

“The close cooperation with Panattoni was dominated by a professional, content-driven and goal-oriented interaction. Clothing retail is an ever-changing business and this project has the best precondition for a strong and competitive distribution process, the future development and growth of H&M Group,” says Michael Schulz, Regional Manager East Europe Logistics at H&M Group.

Green collaboration. Panattoni's cooperation with H&M Group - the Swedish apparel giant, which operates in 75 markets across the globe - has been going on almost from the beginning of the developer's operations in Europe, and all the projects delivered to date exemplify sustainable facilities of a very high standard. The first of the facilities Panattoni started in 2006, and it eventually occupied 82,000 sqm. Solar panels for water heating were installed on the roof of the project; the developer increased daylight access and created a rainwater recovery system. Most importantly, however, there could be no PVC or Styrofoam among the materials used to build the hall.