Pardubice approves the plan to renovate the Square of the Republic

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-10-24   09:00

The city of Pardubice will continue to prepare the renovation of the Republic Square. In the first stage, it plans to modernise the part near the Church of St. Bartholomew. The deputies today approved the plan and the project works. They also had reservations against the architectural study.

The study proposes the removal of the lawn by the memorial to the fallen, it will not take up as much space, but there will be more trees, benches and a fountain. "A total mess. All the grass and flower beds will be replaced with concrete," said opposition councillor Filip Sedlák (Naše Pardubice).

The whole area is to be enlarged for the benefit of pedestrians, as buses will not park in the bay but on the road. One bus bay near the theatre is to be abolished. "From Sukova Avenue there would be one bus stop where all the buses and trolleybuses would stop, in fact there would be a bus lane, which would be a significant hit to traffic permeability," said opposition councillor Petr Kvaš (ODS).

The city also plans to demolish the above-ground parts of the overpass, which has been closed since 2016 due to its state of disrepair. According to Sedlák, the traffic situation would be improved by an underpass, and náměstí Republiky would belong to pedestrians. "The old town is separated by a four-lane road. The quality of the area will increase many times over with the underpass," Sedlák said. In response, coalition councillor Martin Charvát (ANO) said the investment had been considered in the past. According to him, it would have cost CZK 260 million then, but now it would cost an estimated half a billion crowns.

The study also proposes the abolition of parking spaces at the church. The councillors spent a lot of time on parking. "If you want to make a square for people, someone will have to leave it, and the fact that it will be cars doesn't bother me at all," said opposition councillor Robert Hrdina (Greens for Pirates).

The architectural study is the basis and does not determine the final form of the space. "We will not be able to answer all the questions that have been raised without selecting a designer. The project will return to the council for approval, we are now approving the plan, it is not definitive," said councillor Martin Charvát (ANO).

"Personally, I consider this to be the first stage, we will also address the area in front of the Grand, because it is really appalling," said Mayor Jan Nadrchal (ANO). The cost of the first stage will be around CZK 40 to 60 million, he added.