Pardubice will discuss the possibility of buying the land where a developer wants to build

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-05   10:22

The Pardubice management will consider buying a plot of land in the courtyard around Sakařova Street. The developer wants to build apartments there, but the residents do not want further construction. Mayor Martin Charvát (YES) told ČTK. He himself is skeptical about the design of the land to buy.

The meeting was proposed by the city district I, in which the locality is located. He had previously demanded a building closure, which he failed to do. Experts did not recommend it, the zoning plan allows housing construction there.

The developer has already negotiated with representatives of the city, but for the land he wants not only its investment value, but also future income if he builds the apartments. He is also willing to negotiate a land exchange.

"I'm rather skeptical about that. I can't imagine buying a business share in a construction that wouldn't take place. The same for a land exchange. It's a discomfortable situation for us, in the future someone would sue us for violating the care of a proper manager," said Charvat.

The Green Association for Sakařka is trying to prevent construction. According to his representatives, there is a minimum of space for recreational activities, further construction would reduce the area even further. In the courtyard, the developer wants to build about fifty apartments in a four-storey house with a flat roof.

"The developer logically puts the expected profit into it, the price for the land is relatively high. We respect people's wishes, it comes to us that their living comfort is reduced. On the other hand, we live in a state governed by the rule of law, when an investor meets legal requirements," said Deputy Mayor of the City District I Ondřej Šebek (ODS).

There is no building permit yet for housing construction. According to Šebek, the developer recently appealed against the building authority's negative opinion. His decision is not yet available to the district. "If the appeal office does not comply, the construction will not be allowed and will not be built. I understand that people would like to know the result immediately, but the legal deadlines must be met," added Šebek.

Source: CTK