PDS announces tender design work for urban housing construction in Prague Dolní Počernice

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-06-17   15:48

The Prague Development Company (PDS) is announcing a tender for the supplier of design work for the first part of urban housing construction in Prague Dolní Počernice, which includes approximately 250 rental apartments. The selected supplier will process the project at least for the issuance of a zoning decision or building permit. All tender documentation is available on the PDS profile in the Tender arena. Bids can be submitted until July 18, 2022 until 2 p.m.

Municipal rental housing in Dolní Počernice.
Land in Dolní Počernice with a total area of ​​18.5 ha is one of the largest development areas in the capital. m. Prague, which can be used for residential construction. The PDS divided the entrusted territory into three project parts, which should be implemented gradually in the years 2025 to 2034:
• Project 1 includes the construction of approximately 250 flats (approved by the City Council in 2021)
• Project 2 includes about 550 flats (approved by the City Council in 2022)
• Infrastructure (all networks, sewers, waste, transport connections approved by the City Council 2022).

"In Dolní Počernice, we are preparing a new district in the form of a garden city, which will be friendly to its inhabitants and the environment. In the horizon of 10 to 12 years, there will be about 800 housing units in family, terraced and low-rise apartment buildings with shared gardens and courtyards, which are sensitively linked to the surrounding residential area. The project will also include smaller commercial premises for retail stores, small service establishments and doctor's offices, a small square with ornamental greenery and a sports ground for children and adults. In the next stages, the solved area will also include a primary school, for which a significant area is determined in the zoning plan,“ says Petr Hlaváček, Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague, of the City of Prague for Territorial Development.

Project Tender 1.
"In the form of architectural workshops, PDS developed an urban and typological concept of the entire area (the so-called master plan). Together with the selected supplier of design work, PDS will make great efforts to include in this concept advanced solutions for environmental energy design and, in close cooperation with the Prague Dolní Počernice district, the necessary social elements," says Petr Urbánek, director of PDS, adding, "in this way it will contribute to the creation of new job opportunities and to the fulfillment of the Climate Plan of the Capital City of Prague. of Prague."

All tenders issued by PDS are governed by the principles of responsible public procurement, which include the Policy of Architecture and Building Culture of the Czech Republic (MMR, 2015), the Davos Declaration (2018) and the Investor Assignment for Urban Housing (IPR + PDS, 2020). The criteria of the open tender are the bid price, professional experience and architectural awards of the implementation team.

This investment project was approved in January this year by the Investment Expert Committee of the DSO and in April by the City Council. of Prague.

The Prague Development Company (PDS) was established on the initiative of Petr Hlaváček on June 1, 2020 as a contributory organization of the capital city of Prague. Its goal is to enhance the real estate assets of the capital. The city of Prague and the preparation of projects, especially city rental housing, with the aim of expanding the city housing stock owned by the city, which may be available especially for the so-called preferred professions. By a decision of the City Council, the DSO was handed over for management of more than 600,000 sqm of land owned by the City Hall, on which the construction of 6,000 - 8,000 flats with a horizon of up to 10 years is planned.