PGNiG: Gas sales volume was estimated at 7.08 bcm in Q2

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-22   22:16

The estimated volume of natural gas sales of the Polish Oil and Gas Group (PGNiG) amounted to 7.08 bcm in Q2 2022 compared to 6.9 bcm recorded a year earlier, PGNiG reported, presenting estimated data. Throughout the first half of this year. it was 18.62 bcm compared to 18.18 bcm a year earlier.

The group's natural gas production amounted to 1.7 bcm in Q2, compared to 1.09 bcm a year earlier and 3.48 bcm in the entire first half of the year. br. compared to 2.34 bcm a year earlier, the company announced.

The volume of natural gas imports to Poland in Q2 amounted to 3.97 bcm compared to 4.17 bcm a year earlier (in the first half of the year: 8.02 bcm compared to 8.27 bcm a year earlier). From the eastern direction, imports in Q2 this year amounted to 0.85 bcm as compared to 2.57 m3 a year earlier (for the entire half-year: 3 bcm compared to 4.82 bcm a year earlier), it was also announced.

The volume of gas distribution by Polska Spółka Gazownictwa in natural units in Q2 amounted to 2.29 bcm compared to 2.8 bcm a year earlier (for the entire half-year: 6.53 bcm compared to 7.35 bcm a year earlier).

Crude oil production volume in Q2 amounted to 366.2 thousand tonnes. tons against 279.6 thous. tonnes a year earlier (for the entire half-year: 738.6 thousand tonnes against 608.1 thousand tonnes a year earlier). In turn, the sales volume amounted to 348.7 thousand. tons against 366.3 thous. tonnes a year earlier (in the first half of the year: 666.1 thousand tonnes against 616.9 thousand tonnes a year earlier).

The heat sales volume in this period amounted to 6.89 PJ compared to 6.54 PJ in the comparative period (for the entire half-year: 23.92 PJ compared to 23.54 PJ a year earlier).

As at June 30, 2022, the gas inventories belonging to the PGNiG Group amounted to approx. 2.6 billion m3 of gas, converted into high-methane gas with a combustion heat of 39.5 mJ / m3. The above inventories include high-methane gas, nitrogen-rich gas stored in Poland and abroad and LNG gas in terminals. The data does not include the volume of natural gas managed by the Transmission System Operator GAZ-SYSTEM SA and the Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves, it was announced.

Source: PGNiG and ISBnews