Pilsen court returned the land of a future industrial park near Cheb to agricultural land

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-03-30   18:47

The Regional Court in Pilsen annulled the change in the zoning plan of Cheb, which concerns land in the future Industrial Park II. The change in the zoning plan was to transfer part of the land from agricultural land to land for mixed production. A final court decision could thus delay negotiations on the future use of the strategic industrial zone near Cheb in the future, said the Deputy Mayor of Cheb, Ladislav Hrubý (VPM). The city will therefore defend itself.

"We responded in two ways. First, we filed a cassation complaint with the Supreme Administrative Court, and second, we submitted a proposal to the council and council to assign a change to the zoning plan, which, if discussed and approved, would be the same as the zoning plan before. before the Regional Court in Pilsen intervened in it," said Hrubý.

According to Hrubý, the court upheld the city's complaint, which concerned two cases. Firstly, the process of approving the change of the zoning plan and then also the maximum height of buildings up to 40 meters, which could stand in this part of the zone. The court upheld the approval part of the complaint, and did not address reservations about building heights.

According to Hrubý, the assessment of the cassation complaint itself could take months or even years. Therefore, the city also wants to repeat the procedure of changing the zoning plan, but so that it cannot be attacked.

Industrial Park II. was included among the strategic industrial zones in the Czech Republic and has about 130 hectares of land. Together with the land near Starý Sedlo, it is one of the two largest areas in the Karlovy Vary region, where industrial zones could be established, especially for large strategic investors.

According to the deputy mayor, the decision of the regional court does not currently directly threaten negotiations on the use of land. The city is negotiating with two candidates, but the negotiations could lead to a decision probably next year. Until then, however, Cheb would like to have the land ready. Just because the return of the zoning plan before its change gets the land in the Cheb industrial park in conflict with the principles of territorial development of the Karlovy Vary region.

Source: CTK