Poland: Beverages and tobacco exports grew the fastest in January-August - by 22.8% y/y

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-10-16   12:02

The fastest growth in exports in January-August 2023 was for beverages and tobacco (up 22.8%), machinery and transport equipment (up 12.5%), food and live animals (up 9.9%), and miscellaneous manufactured goods (up 4.0%), the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported.

The decrease was in goods and transactions not classified in the SITC (down 41%), mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials (down 15.8%), non-edible raw materials except fuels (down 14.6%), industrial goods classified mainly by raw material (down 7.7%), chemicals and related products (down 6.7%), and oils, fats, animal and vegetable waxes (down 4.1%), the GUS reported.

The GUS reported today that exports rose 3.7% y/y to 232.4 billion euros in January-August 2023, while imports fell 5.7% y/y to 223.5 billion euros in the period.

Source: GUS and ISBnews