Poland: How big flats can be found at developers? In which developments? How much do they cost?

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2023-12-06   10:22

What size are the largest developer flats: How big flats can be found at developers? In which developments? How much do they cost?

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director of Bouygues Immoblier Polska.
In our investments, we plan both compact flats, which are highly desired by customers, and comfortable flats, which are the answer to the needs of people looking for large and spacious premises. We currently have the largest flats in Warsaw and Poznań. In the capital, in Nova Talarowa, we have a vacant two-storey flat of 115 sqm with a terrace of 44 sqm at PLN 1,669,000. In Warsaw, in the Novélia Bemowo development, a 107 sq m unit with a spacious 120 sq m terrace is on offer for PLN 1,990,000.

In Poznań, in the Lune de Malta development, there is a flat of 117 sq m with a 38 sq m terrace for PLN 1,835,900. In the Vilda Moderne development at the junction of Dolna and Górna Wilda, we have a unit of 86 sq m with a 63 sq m terrace for PLN 1,502,100. All flats are located on the highest floors of the project, which guarantees an excellent view of the surroundings.

Tomasz Kaleta, Sales Department Director, Develia S.A.
The largest flats in our offer are located in Wrocław's Ogrody Wojszyce project, where five-room flats of 152 sqm are available in cosy single-family terraced or semi-detached buildings. Slightly smaller flats of around 140 sq m can be found in the same town in the Cinnamon Vita development. The total cost of such a five-room apartment is around PLN 972.5 thousand.

In Kraków, we are developing 4-room flats of a higher standard with an area of approximately 112 sq.m. in the Grzegórzecka 77 investment. Their prices start at PLN 1.92 million.

We also offer large five-room flats of 99 sqm in our Aleje Praskie project in Warsaw, and four-room flats of 88 sqm in the Przemyska Vita project in Gdańsk. In the Malta Point project in Poznań, four rooms of 100 sqm are available.

Angelika Kliś, board member of Atal S.A.
In the Atal Sky project in Katowice, we have a 178 sqm flat on sale for PLN 2,207,696 gross and a 161 sqm unit for PLN 2,225,500. Also in Katowice, in the Francuska Park project, a 150 sqm flat is available for PLN 1,317,843, and in the Atal Olimpijska investment, a 145 sqm unit is on offer for PLN 1,964,250.

In Wrocław, in the New City Jagodno Enclave development, a 156 sq m flat can be bought for PLN 1,164,258, and in the Atal City Square development, a 125 sq m unit costs PLN 1,229,339.

In Warsaw's Osiedle Poematu, a 117 sq m flat can be purchased for PLN 1,557,860. In the Nowe Miasto Polesie development in Łódź, a 111 sq m unit is offered for PLN 884,121.

Zuzanna Należyta, commercial director at Eco Classic
The largest flats will be on offer in the new stage of the Wolne Miasto investment in the Ujeścisek district of Gdańsk. These will be comfortable five-room flats with an area of 120 sq m, which are a substitute for a house with all the advantages of an investment in the city. Our current offer includes the largest flats in the Moja Północna investment in Warsaw's Tarchomin. These are four-room flats with an area of 93 sq m, priced from PLN 11,700 per sq m.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of the Marketing and Sales Division at J.W. Construction.
In the Nad Odrą development in Szczecin, a four-room unit with an area of 140 sq m is available at the price of PLN 15,400 per sq m. In the Horizon Estate in Gdańsk, a 90-sqm flat is offered at PLN 14,000 -14,700/sqm. In Stacja Centrum Pruszków, a unit of 85 sq m costs PLN 13,450 per sq m.

In the EcoBerensona Estate in Warsaw, a four-room flat of 66 sq m is priced at PLN 10,650 -11,700 per sq m, and in the Natural Aluzyjna investment, a three-room flat of 59 sq m can be bought for PLN 12,900 - PLN 14,500 per sq m.

In Osiedle Kościuszki in Chorzów, four rooms of 82 sq m are on offer for PLN 8,850 per sq m, and in the Apartamenty Na Wzgórzach investment in Zawada near Myślenice, 57 sq m units with three rooms are on offer for PLN 12,800 - PLN 13,400 per sq m.

Marek Starzyński, director of the Sales Department at Okam.
In each of our projects in Warsaw, Katowice and Łódź, the offer is cross-sectional. We sell both large, four-room flats with an area of more than 100 sqm, as well as smaller, two- and three-room flats. Prices of large units start from PLN 11,000/sqm in Katowice to over PLN 20,000/sqm in Warsaw.

Joanna Chojecka, sales and marketing director for Warsaw and Wrocław at the Robyg Group.
The square metres of the largest flats start at around 150 sq m in the Royal Residence project in Warsaw. Large sizes are also found in the houses we offer in Wrocław and Gdańsk, which are around 120 sqm.

Karolina Bronszewska, board member, director of marketing and innovation at Ronson Development
Currently, the largest ready-to-commence flats are available in the Viva Jagodno investment in Wrocław. These are three-room flats with a mezzanine floor, which can be purchased at prices starting from PLN 7,697 per sq m.

Anna Bieńko, Sales Director at Wawel Service.
Flats between 80 and 100 sq m in size can be found in most of our investments. We try to provide as wide an offer as possible in each of our projects. We have the largest square metres in prestigious premium projects such as Nova Wiosenna. This development in Krakow's Wola Justowska comprises 16 semi-detached houses of 124 sqm, 16 flats of up to 90 sqm and two detached villas of 116 sqm and 130 sqm. There are unique spaces for residents to relax - green courtyards, outdoor gardens and spacious balconies.

A large flat with an area of approximately 81 sqm at a price of PLN 723,303 can also be purchased in the Bytkowska 2.0 investment in Katowice. An investment where flats over 90 sqm can be found is also Zielone Mogilany, a compact semi-detached housing estate located in Mogilany, 15 kilometres from Krakow. The development consists of 28 two-storey flats with designed infrastructure, a residents' area and a playground. Each of the flats has an associated garden of up to 236 sqm.

Mariola Żak, sales and marketing director at Aurec Home.
The largest units are currently available in our ecological investment Miasteczko Jutrzenki - in the Lavender District, which is located in the Warsaw district of Włochy. In addition, in the price of the unit, residents receive the comfortable living space Aurec Active, which includes a private stationary and outdoor gym, fitness and pilates rooms, educational playgrounds for children, space for recreation on the roofs of the buildings, or charging stations for electric vehicles. The prices of the large units are in the range of PLN 700-900,000 and depend on many factors, including: the area, the location of the unit in the building and, consequently, the view from the windows, the illumination of the rooms, as well as the noise level.

Damian Tomasik, founder of Alter Investment.
We offer a wide portfolio of square metres. We have projects for single-family houses ranging from 137 sqm to 212 sqm, as well as two-family houses of 170 sqm in the beautifully located Kashubia region surrounded by greenery. As far as the largest flats are concerned, our project in Gdańsk at Jabłoniowa responds to such demand, we have flats there, among others, with an area of over 100 sq m, and land with a building permit is put up for sale.

Michał Witkowski, sales director at Lokum Deweloper.
The largest flats and 4- to 5-room flats with impressive floor areas of up to 150 sq m with spacious terraces are available at the Lokum Porto development in Wrocław, located 2.5 km from the Market Square, surrounded by full urban infrastructure and with access to green areas. Prices of flats with an area of approximately 100 sqm start from PLN 13225/sqm. The most prestigious, fully air-conditioned flat of 150 sq m, which occupies an entire floor of an intimate building, with five rooms and two terraces of 18 sq m and 38 sq m, as well as three balconies, is available for 16,368 zlotys/sqm.

In the offer of the Lokum Monte estate, which is located in Sobótka near Wrocław on Armii Krajowej Street, right next to the Ślężański Landscape Park, prices start from 6995 zł/sqm. There, we offer family 4-room flats with areas ranging from 80 sq m to 100 sq m with mezzanines where bedrooms and a home office can be comfortably arranged.

In the offer of the Lokum Verde investment in Wrocław, the largest units of 77 sqm. - 84 sqm. can be purchased from PLN 10498 per sqm. In the Lokum la Vida development in Wrocław, on L. Herbsta street, in the vicinity of recreational areas, the most spacious flats of 72 sq.m. are offered from 11915 PLN/sq.m.
In Kraków, at the Lokum Vista housing estate, we offer ready-to-use 4-room flats of approx. 88 sqm with a balcony. The most attractively priced flats can be purchased from 14929 PLN/sqm.

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Photo: Miasteczko Jutrzenki, Aurec Home