Poland: How much do top-floor flats with an exceptional view or attractive terrace cost?

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2024-07-04   11:59

How do the prices of new flats change depending on the location on the floor? How much do top-floor flats with an exceptional view or an attractive terrace cost? In which projects can we find such flats? At what price?

Angelika Kliś, Member of the Management Board of Atal:
One can notice a regularity that the prices of flats increase with the floor. At the same time, this relation applies mainly to investments from the premium segment, spectacular skyscrapers or unique, individual flats, although it also occurs in smaller investments with attractive panoramic views.

Apart from an exceptional view, flats on the top floors often have other advantages; they are very well lit and quieter, which is important in city centres. The top floors also allow spacious loggias or terraces to be planned, if this is by design due to building regulations.

These types of flats usually have a much larger floor area than the others, so their purchase involves a large expense. Nevertheless, they find buyers very quickly due to their uniqueness and rather narrow market offer.
For those interested, I would recommend flats in our Katowice skyscrapers, i.e. Atal Olimpijska and Atal Sky+. The flats on the top floors are already sold out, but the vacant units will certainly satisfy customers who expect spectacular views of the city centre.

In the Atal Sky + project, you can buy a flat of 115 sqm, located on the 30th floor, for PLN 1,522,224, and a unit of 103 sqm on the same floor costs PLN 1,393,875.

In the Atal Olimpijska project, a flat of 71 sqm on the 25th floor is vacant and costs PLN 1,058,200, while a 120 sqm unit on the 24th floor is priced at PLN 1,662,486.

Tomasz Kaleta, Sales Department Director, Develia S.A.:
The prices of flats in one investment can vary significantly, even by PLN 4,000 to 5,000 per square metre. The final cost of an apartment depends on many factors, such as the area, the number of rooms, the layout, the floor, the orientation towards the world or the size of the balcony or terrace.

The market standard is that the smaller the flat, the higher the price per square metre. Similarly, units located on higher floors are valued higher. The most desirable and therefore more expensive flats are those with southern exposure and an attractive view from the window, preferably over greenery or open space.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of the Marketing and Sales Division at J.W. Construction:
The prices of viewing flats vary depending on the location and specifics of a given project, as well as the number of flats in the development. The most attractive flats in this respect are currently available in the Nad Odrą investment in Szczecin and Osiedle Horizon in Gdańsk.

Nad Odrą is a project that stands out for its aesthetics and high standard of execution, as well as its unique location. It is located in the very fashionable Szczecin Łasztownia, right by the boulevards. It features flats with large windows facing directly onto the Oder River, which are available at a price of PLN 17 600 per square metre, while "regular" flats can be purchased in this development from PLN 11 900 thousand per square metre.

Osiedle Horizon, on the other hand, is an investment located in Gdańsk's Letnica district, which is adjacent to the city centre and at the same time close to the beach and the sea. Flats on the top floors in this development overlook the Bay of Gdańsk and are available from PLN 18,000 per sq m. The buildings vary in height from six to seventeen storeys, and there is a communal green relaxation area on the roof of each building.

Michał Witkowski, sales director of Lokum Deweloper S.A.:
In the case of flats with a particularly attractive view, such as those facing the river, the price is about 20 per cent higher than other flats on a given floor. Within our offer, there are units with large areas, impressive terraces and special exposure, thus providing a unique place to live. The prices of the flats reflect their area and assets.

For example, in the Lokum Porto development, located in Wrocław's Old Town, we offer an extremely attractive 120 square metre flat with a terrace of almost 67 square metres and an additional loggia of almost 13 square metres. In this four-room, very comfortable flat, you can freely arrange a home office or study, and two bathrooms and a wardrobe will undoubtedly affect the comfort of everyday life.

When designing our estates, we pay attention to ensuring that the view from the windows of each flat has a good effect on the well-being of the people living there. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the space between the buildings, as well as to the location of the estates. Around and between the buildings, we design green zones with varied vegetation and attractive recreational and leisure areas.

Mariola Żak, Sales and Marketing Director at Aurec Home:
We are currently selling units in the Miasteczko Jutrzenki and Fabrica Ursus investment in Warsaw. Among the flats we are offering to buyers are large, spacious flats of approximately 80 sqm with a view of the Warsaw skyline. The flats have a high standard of finish, spacious terraces and the buildings have comfortable common areas. For example, in the Fabrica Ursus investment, the units are equipped with large balconies that are up to 16 sq m in size, which allows you to arrange the space, almost like a backyard garden.

The prices of flats in our developments vary and depend on many factors, such as location, floor, square footage, room illumination and noise level. The maximum differences in rates per square metre of space between the lowest and highest floors do not usually exceed 2-3 per cent.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic:
The biggest influence on the difference in the price per sqm is the size of the flats. One-room flats can be more expensive by up to several thousand per m2 than four-room flats. This is because the total amount you have to spend on a 1P or 2P flat is significantly lower, so the smallest flats are the most popular.

Marek Starzyński, Sales Director at Okam:
Our projects are located in the best locations, the view and location on the estate are always priced accordingly. Sometimes a great location of a flat, a view of a park or a pond may cost an additional PLN 1-2 thousand per square metre.

In the INSPIRE investment in Katowice, some flats feature exposure to ponds. In turn, the Cityflow investment in Warsaw has two entire wings facing a green park.

As part of the New Quality Policy, we provide solutions to improve the quality of life for residents. Examples include green courtyards and roof terraces. One of these is in operation at the Central House development at Domaniewska in Warsaw, completed in 2023.

Agnieszka Gajdzik - Wilgos, Sales Manager at Ronson Development:
In our flagship Warsaw projects Miasto Moje and Ursus Centralny, the standard price difference for a flat between floors is around PLN 4,000. In the Zielono Mi project in Warsaw's Lower Mokotów district, on the other hand, the price of a flat that is above the ground floor is higher by an average of several hundred zlotys per square metre, compared to the price per square metre of a flat located on the ground floor.

Several factors influence the price of each flat. First and foremost, it is the square metre and the location of the development. Access to the urban infrastructure, available amenities around the development or the standard of construction are very important. The side facing the windows is also important, i.e. the location of the apartment in the building, the view from the windows and the illumination of the rooms. Often the attractiveness, and therefore the price, of a given flat is determined by an above-standard balcony or terrace area.

Damian Tomasik, CEO of Alter Investment:
As a land developer, we attach great importance to the location of the investment, both on the map of the city, but also from the point of view of each future resident of the building we design. When developing such projects, we always look at each flat as a separate unit in terms of its location on the floor, sunlight and viewing possibilities, but also functional qualities. For the project in Jeziorany, for example, using actual drone views and computer simulations, we worked out for each of the 16 houses the exact view from each window of the nearby lake and arranged their development in such a way that it was attractive to each resident.

Dawid Wrona, Chief Operating Officer at Archicom:
At the outset, it should be noted that the final cost of a property depends on many independent factors, and each flat in our offer is priced individually. Undoubtedly, however, units located on the highest floors, with the most attractive views and extensive terraces or balconies remain more expensive than others. This is primarily due to the uniqueness of these types of flats, the proportion of which within individual developments is small. Although they are characterised by a relatively high price, they customarily sell first, which means that in practice they do not appear in the current offer. Consequently, in the case of prestigious properties on the top floors, the timing of the purchase is crucial and the price paradoxically falls to the background.

Joanna Chojecka, sales and marketing director for Warsaw and Wrocław at Robyg Group:
In our investments, we plan the buildings in such a way that all flats have an attractive view from the window. Each flat also has a balcony, loggia or terrace. Indeed, we also design larger terraces in places where this is possible. The prices of flats with a garden or larger terrace depend on the investment.

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