Poles' arrears amount to approx. PLN 80 billion after Q1 2021.

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-06-09   10:02

The value of unpaid current bills, alimony, court costs and loan installments of Poles amounts to almost PLN 80 billion after Q1 2021, according to the data of the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register and the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). Over the year, this value increased by PLN 177 million, while the number of unreliable debtors fell by over 90 thousand, to 2.74 million people.

"The total amount of overdue credit and non-credit obligations of Poles at the end of March 2021 amounted to PLN 79,936,459,131, that is almost PLN 80 billion. Despite the fact that the number of debtors during the year of the pandemic decreased significantly, the debt increased by PLN 177 million (0.2%) Most of all, non-credit arrears collected in the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register increased - by almost PLN 894 million (2.1%), while the outstanding loan liabilities of Poles visible in the BIK database decreased significantly by over PLN 717 million (-1.9%). After this change, the sum of non-credit arrears amounts to almost PLN 43.6 billion, and credit arrears PLN 36.4 billion. In both cases, there are arrears of Poles delayed by at least 30 days for at least PLN 200.

As indicated, the average arrears for unpaid bills, e.g. for utilities, telephone, rent or alimony, are currently PLN 19,756, after it has increased by PLN 697 (3.7%) since March last year. In turn, the average loan arrears are already PLN 31,265 - PLN 1,147 (3.8%) more than in the previous year.

"Taking into account both BIG InfoMonitor and BIK databases, on average there are PLN 29,139 of unpaid liabilities per person, which is PLN 991 (3.5%) more than at the end of March 2020," BIK also reported.

The number of unreliable debtors, both those who do not pay their current bills and loans, decreased by 90,263 people (3.2%) and amounted to 2,743,306 people at the end of March 2021. Most of all, 68 134 people (-5.5%) with overdue loans were lost. There are currently 1,163,696 of them. The number of non-credit debtors has also decreased - by 33,698 (-1.5%) to 2,204,635 persons. However, there are still almost twice as many of them as unreliable credit debtors. Men are dominant among debtors, they constitute 61.2% of the total (a decrease by 0.2 percentage point compared to March 2020). They also have higher arrears than women - they account for 66.5% of the total overdue liabilities of all Poles, it was also indicated.

There are currently 625,025 unreliable debtors who have both unpaid loans and bills or alimony. They constitute 22.8% of all debtors, slightly more than a year ago, when it was 22.5%.

The greater sum of arrears with a simultaneous decrease in the number of debtors translated into an increase in the average amount of overdue liabilities. Currently, it is PLN 29,139 per person, almost 1 thousand. PLN more than last year (3.5%), and in the province. Mazowieckie, where the change was the most significant - PLN 40,734 (an increase by PLN 2.4 thousand). The lowest average arrears, on the other hand, have the inhabitants of the Opole region, where it is PLN 23,911, it was also stated.

"From March 2020 to the end of March 2021, the Poles' Arrears Index, which shows the number of people with financial problems per 1,000 adult inhabitants in the country, decreased from 90 to 87.2 points, due to the decrease in the number of debtors by 3.2%, i.e. 90,263 people. Thus, it reached the level similar to that recorded in Q2 and Q3 three years ago. Ultimately, unpaid credit and non-credit obligations still have almost every 11th adult Pole. And in seven voivodeships in the country: Lubuskie (115), Zachodniopomorskie (114), Dolnośląskie (112), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (109), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (107), Śląskie (101) and Pomorskie (100), this is at least every 10th adult resident "- according to BIK.

Source: BIK and ISBnews