Polish fuel surcharge rates will be 13% higher in 2023

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-12-29   11:55

Fuel surcharge rates will be higher by 13% in 2023, according to a notice from the Minister of Infrastructure published in the Monitor Polski.

"Pursuant to [...] the Act of October 27, 1994 on toll highways and the National Road Fund [...] the fuel surcharge rate for 2023 is announced, amounting to:

- PLN 172.91 per 1,000 l of motor gasoline and products made from blending such gasoline with biocomponents [...].

- PLN 372.90 per 1,000 l of diesel fuels, products made from mixing these oils with bio-components, and bio-components constituting self-contained fuels [...].

- PLN 211.11 per 1,000 kg of gases and other products," it was announced.

Previously applicable rates were respectively: PLN 152.61 per 1,000 liters of gasoline, PLN 329.12 per 1,000 liters of diesel fuel and PLN 186.32 per 1,000 kg of gases. 

Source: Minister of Infrastructure and ISBnews